Calories Applesauce, canned, unsweetened, with added ascorbic acid. Chemical composition and nutritional value.

Nutritional value and chemical composition.

The table shows the content of nutrients (calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals) per 100 grams edible part.
NutrientQuantityNorm**% of the norm in 100 g% of the norm in 100 kcal100% normal
Calorie value42 kCal1684 kCal2.5%6%4010 g
Proteins0.17 g76 g0.2%0.5%44706 g
Fats0.1 g56 g0.2%0.5%56000 g
Carbohydrates10.17 g219 g4.6%11%2153 g
Alimentary fiber1.1 g20 g5.5%13.1%1818 g
Water88.22 g2273 g3.9%9.3%2577 g
Ash0.24 g~
Vitamin A, RE1 μg900 μg0.1%0.2%90000 g
Vitamin B1, thiamine0.026 mg1.5 mg1.7%4%5769 g
Vitamin B2, riboflavin0.03 mg1.8 mg1.7%4%6000 g
Vitamin B4, choline2.2 mg500 mg0.4%1%22727 g
Vitamin B5, pantothenic0.041 mg5 mg0.8%1.9%12195 g
Vitamin B6, pyridoxine0.027 mg2 mg1.4%3.3%7407 g
Vitamin B9, folate3 μg400 μg0.8%1.9%13333 g
Vitamin C, ascorbic21.2 mg90 mg23.6%56.2%425 g
Vitamin E, alpha tocopherol, TE0.16 mg15 mg1.1%2.6%9375 g
Vitamin K, phylloquinone0.5 μg120 μg0.4%1%24000 g
Vitamin PP, NE0.084 mg20 mg0.4%1%23810 g
Betaine0.4 mg~
Potassium, K74 mg2500 mg3%7.1%3378 g
Calcium, Ca4 mg1000 mg0.4%1%25000 g
Magnesium, Mg3 mg400 mg0.8%1.9%13333 g
Sodium, Na2 mg1300 mg0.2%0.5%65000 g
Sulfur, S1.7 mg1000 mg0.2%0.5%58824 g
Phosphorus, P5 mg800 mg0.6%1.4%16000 g
Trace Elements
Iron, Fe0.23 mg18 mg1.3%3.1%7826 g
Manganese, Mn0.025 mg2 mg1.3%3.1%8000 g
Copper, Cu27 μg1000 μg2.7%6.4%3704 g
Selenium, Se0.3 μg55 μg0.5%1.2%18333 g
Zinc, Zn0.03 mg12 mg0.3%0.7%40000 g
Digestible carbohydrates
Mono- and disaccharides (sugars)9.39 gmax 100 г
Glucose (dextrose)2.3 g~
Maltose0.07 g~
sucrose1.13 g~
fructose5.88 g~
Essential Amino Acids
Arginine *0.005 g~
valine0.008 g~
Histidine *0.003 g~
Isoleucine0.006 g~
leucine0.01 g~
lysine0.01 g~
methionine0.002 g~
threonine0.006 g~
tryptophan0.002 g~
phenylalanine0.005 g~
Replaceable amino acids
alanine0.006 g~
Aspartic acid0.028 g~
glycine0.006 g~
Glutamic acid0.017 g~
Proline0.006 g~
serine0.007 g~
tyrosine0.003 g~
Cysteine0.002 g~
Saturated fatty acids
Saturated fatty acids0.008 gmax 18.7 г
16: 0 Palmitic0.007 g~
18: 0 Stearin0.001 g~
Monounsaturated fatty acids0.002 gmin 16.8 г
18: 1 Olein (omega-9)0.002 g~
Polyunsaturated fatty acids0.014 gfrom 11.2 to 20.60.1%0.2%
18: 2 Linoleic0.012 g~
18: 3 Linolenic0.003 g~
Omega-3 fatty acids0.003 gfrom 0.9 to 3.70.3%0.7%
Omega-6 fatty acids0.012 gfrom 4.7 to 16.80.3%0.7%

The energy value is 42 kcal.

  • cup = 244 g (102.5 kCal)
Applesauce, canned, unsweetened, with added ascorbic acid rich in vitamins and minerals such as: vitamin C – 23,6%
  • Vitamin C participates in redox reactions, the functioning of the immune system, promotes the absorption of iron. Deficiency leads to loose and bleeding gums, nosebleeds due to increased permeability and fragility of the blood capillaries.
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