Ayurveda: unstable weight and Vata dosha

People with a dominant Vata dosha have a thin and sinewy constitution. However, this does not mean that being overweight will never be a problem for them. It also happens that all his life Vata has a refined figure, after which he sharply gains weight due to a changed metabolism.

Vata-dominant people are prone to mental stress because they are prone to overexertion. When under stress, they tend to skip meals, disturbing the regularity of eating and digestion, resulting in the formation of ama (toxins) and clogging of the channels. This is often a precursor to weight gain.

For a person of the Vata type, the most important thing is to minimize emotional and mental stress and feed yourself with easily digestible food. In addition, this constitution especially recommends the practice of meditation for 20 minutes 2 times a day.

Discipline and a regular daily routine is essential to balance the fickle, changing nature of Vata dosha. It is recommended to go to bed early, before 10 pm, and rise early, before 6 am. Regularity and good sleep are the best antidotes for Vata imbalance. Receptions of warm, freshly prepared food at the same hours. By eating at the usual time, the digestive enzymes will be ready to digest the food.

Vata is very prone to haste, which is extremely negative for both emotional health and maintaining a normal weight.

When Vata dosha imbalance is the main cause of weight loss, it is especially important to eat a balanced diet that is easy to digest and nourish. You can follow the middle path and choose a diet that balances all three doshas. Avoid too hot and spicy foods, as well as cold ones. Stay away from heavy foods such as meats, cheeses, massive desserts. Vata should exclude dry foods from their menu, such as cookies, crackers, crackers, snacks. Frozen, canned and refined foods are undesirable.

Ayurveda is very positive about herbal drinks. In the case of a dominant Vata dosha, warm teas based on ginger and cinnamon are necessary. Brewed Arjuna (a plant that grows in the foothills of the Himalayas) balances the physical and emotional state well. To calm Vata, teas from the following herbs are good: Ashoka, Costus, Eclipta, Iron Mezuya, Red Saunders.

To maintain such an easily out of control dosha as Vata, it is necessary to adhere to the above-described diet, regular daily routine, and emotional calmness. Following these recommendations will minimize your chances of gaining weight due to the removal of Vata dosha from the balance.

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