Asthma – what are its causes and how to effectively prevent it?
Asthma - what are its causes and how to effectively prevent it?asthma symptoms

Bronchial asthma is one of the most common medical topics. The number of patients with asthma increases year by year, in our country it already reaches 4 million and is still growing. According to the data provided by the World Health Organization, up to 150 people may suffer from asthma in the world, and several hundred thousand people die from this condition every year.

 Although this chronic inflammatory disease of the respiratory tract is still feared, we can find more and more effective drugs on the market, as well as modern therapies that allow patients to enjoy life to the full and fulfill themselves in every field. Evidence of this can be found among famous ski runners, a famous football player, as well as in the ranks of other athletes.

Typical symptoms of asthma include shortness of breath, persistent cough, wheezing, and tightness in the chest. They are characterized by the fact that they appear paroxysmally, and between them most patients do not show any disturbing symptoms. And shortness of breath and cough often go away with a fast-acting bronchodilator, or even go away on their own. Properly treated asthma allows you to minimize symptoms. The bronchial asthma in question is also called asthma. It is a chronic inflammatory disease that leads to a decrease in the efficiency of the upper respiratory tract. Which is the result of uncontrolled bronchial spasms combined with the accumulation of thick mucus in them. It is an incurable disease, the action of which causes irreversible changes in the bronchi.What can you do to prevent asthma?The highest number of cases is recorded in the most developed countries in terms of industry. Allergy is one of the critical triggers of disease. For this reason, the spread of such tendencies among adults as well as children and infants has a significant impact on the manifestation of the first symptoms. Therefore, the activation of asthma is mainly caused by factors that cause allergies. These are chronic viral infections of the respiratory tract, addiction to nicotine, exposure of allergic people to unnecessary contact with allergens, which have an adverse effect on the human immune system. So, if you want to take care of your health, avoid tobacco smoke – do not be a passive smoker, beware of mites – especially dust at home, you should also watch out for moisture, mold, exhaust fumes, smoke, if you are allergic, also avoid plant pollen, animal hair – especially often also medicines and food products that may cause allergic reactions in you. Appropriate treatment of asthma and its early and correct diagnosis allows the patient to function normally on a daily basis. Thanks to this, the patient can lead an active life, work and study. However, during an asthmatic attack, immediate help is needed. Rapid bronchospasm makes it impossible to take in air. A rapid bronchodilator should be administered in this case. During an attack, the lying position makes it difficult to breathe. Of course, remember to stay calm.

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