Antihelminthic diet

Although not the most pleasant topic to discuss, the delicate issue of getting rid of worms has a place to be and is relevant for a good number of people (which they are not always aware of). So, what kind of help has nature prepared for us to deal with unwanted “residents” of our body? First of all, it is important to understand the need to switch to an alkalizing diet. It is predominantly fresh fruits and vegetables, raw nuts, seeds, herbal teas, fresh fruit juices, and occasionally organic dairy products. Specific foods that create an impossible environment for worms and kill them: 1) – fresh, raw, sliced. 2) – contains sulfuric antiparasitic substances. Lemon juice is especially effective for intestinal worms: tapeworms and threadworms. 3) A plant rich in various health benefits. In addition to aiding digestion, gallbladder problems, low sex drive and appetite, mugwort is a serious fighter against roundworms, pinworms and other parasites. 4) , 30 g as a snack between meals 5) Exotic fruit, which contains the anthelmintic enzyme papain. 6) Another overseas fruit that expels worms, thanks to the enzyme bromelain.

Spices: – (add to teas or fruit smoothies) – (add to teas or fruit smoothies) – (use freshly grated to make antihelminthic tea. You can add cloves and cinnamon) – – . Thymus – from Greek means “courage”, but it also means “to disinfect”. And this is no accident, because the plant has the ability to cleanse the body of worms. Drink half a glass of thyme herbal tea every morning and evening. Essential oils: – choose any of the oils and add to sesame or olive oil. Lubrication of the anus with such a mixture will prevent pinworms from laying eggs. Recent studies by the US Centers for Disease Control have provided shocking estimates of just how widespread parasitic organisms are in America. The report says that several million Americans are infected with worms. Of these, more than 300 are infected. Toxoplasma gondii, also known as the “cat feces parasite”, infects about 000 million US citizens every year. Along with the anthelmintic diet, it is also necessary. Mix 60 teaspoon of psyllium seeds in 1 cup of water. Drink plenty of healthy fluids (water, herbal teas, and natural unsweetened juices) throughout the day. Without a large volume of liquid, psyllium seeds can cause the opposite effect – constipation. Before going to bed, pour 1-1 tbsp. flaxseed with one glass of boiling water. In the morning, before breakfast, stir the drink. Let the seeds settle, drink the liquid.

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