Angelina Jolie’s diet, 14 days, -10 kg

Losing weight up to 10 kg in 14 days.

The average daily calorie content is 1700 Kcal.

Angelina Jolie, one of the highest paid actresses in the world, is deservedly considered an icon of fashion, style and simply a beauty. During her Hollywood career, the star has changed several images. We saw her and overly thin and athletic build, and with small folds on the body. Even congenital thinness did not save the actress from dieting and the struggle for the beauty of her body.

The actress cares not only about her appearance, but also about her health. She is known to have removed her breasts in 2013 to minimize the risk of cancer.

Angelina Jolie’s diet requirements

In recent years, Jolie has lost a lot of weight, her thinness causes contradictory emotions in people. However, this is her choice, her life and health. Angelina chose a cereal diet for herself. The star feeds on pumpkin and flaxseeds, buckwheat, millet, quinoa and nuts (only in very limited quantities). Jolie claims that such a diet not only helps her stay thin, but also has a positive effect on her skin. Relatives and friends of the actress say that she eats like a bird. Only occasionally can Jolie indulge herself with a piece of lean meat and a glass of wine. According to one of Angelina’s friends, in 2014 before her wedding to Brad Pitt, the star’s daily diet did not exceed 600 calories. With a height of 170 cm, Jolie weighed 42 kg.

Jolie eats very little and smokes a lot, so her current diet can hardly be considered exemplary. Repeatedly, the actress was diagnosed with progressive anorexia, and Angelina had to sit on therapeutic diets to gain weight.

Throughout her film career, under the constant focus of the paparazzi, Jolie has worked on her appearance and tried many diets. For different roles, the actress had to lose and gain weight, strengthen the muscular corset to achieve an athletic figure. In all her looks, the Hollywood beauty looked perfect. Jolie has her own tremendous experience, thanks to which she can quickly put her body in order. Angelina went through a raw food diet, vegetarianism, a variety of diets and chose for herself what suits her best. According to the actress, regular drinking unload is one of the ways to keep the body in shape.

Jolie’s main diet, even her lifestyle, was the Atkins diet. On it, it is necessary to reduce the presence of carbohydrates in the menu as much as possible, increase the weight of protein foods and slightly cut fats. The diet consists of three stages, and the fourth stage is already a way of life.

When entering the diet, it is necessary to exclude from the diet all sweets (including fruits, berries and dried fruits), flour, cereals, beans, carrots, beets, potatoes, soda, alcohol. So we rebuild the body to break down fats and adapt to a new diet. At this first stage, lasting 10-14 days, the menu should be based on eggs, milk and sour milk, fish and seafood, lean meat, seeds, nuts (except peanuts), porcini mushrooms, permitted vegetables and fruits. You need to eat fractionally and little by little. You can’t starve. The drinking ration consists of tea, natural coffee, juices and infusions.

In the second stage, the main phase of the diet, we begin to gradually add carbohydrates, monitoring the weight. It is impossible to completely exclude these components from the diet! Start with rye toast for breakfast, for example. If the weight does not grow for a couple of days, add cereals to the menu. Gradually, you will determine the amount of carbohydrates you need. This stage of the diet continues until you fill the menu with the components the body needs. The weight must remain stable at the same time.

At the third, reinforcing, stage, make a menu, taking into account all the needs of your body. Now everything can be included in the diet. Of course, you should still refuse frankly harmful food. You can eat potatoes, carrots, beets, sweet fruits, but not much. The duration of this stage is one to two weeks.

The fourth stage is a constant diet. Once you have established the correct protein / fat / carbohydrate ratio for yourself, observing your body during the previous three steps, you will switch to a healthy balanced diet. By allowing yourself some unnecessary product one day, you can easily learn to adjust your diet the next day.

The most active weight loss occurs in the early stages. Jolie lost about 10 kg in two weeks. In the future, the actress has long remained a supporter of low-carb nutrition.

In general, Angelina always adheres to certain rules in nutrition. The basis of her diet is low-fat dairy and dairy products, fish and seafood, lean meats, soy, fruits, vegetables and berries. But when choosing the gifts of nature, Jolie is very selective. From the vegetable variety, the actress excluded potatoes, corn, beans, radish, pumpkin, celery, squash, horseradish. In limited quantities, Angelina consumes carrots, eggplants and beets; and preference is given to greens (parsley, dill, lettuce, arugula), asparagus, cabbage, cucumbers, onions, broccoli, green bell peppers. When choosing fruits and dried fruits, the actress advises avoiding bananas, persimmons, dates, grapes; and priority should be given to pineapples, sour apples, pears, plums, peaches and various berries.

In the star’s daily menu, a strict taboo is imposed on bread and bakery products, baked goods, shop sweets, convenience foods, fast food, canned food, alcohol and carbonated drinks.

All products Angelina Jolie uses raw, boiled or baked. Nuts (except peanuts), avocados and unheated vegetable oils are the sources of fats necessary for the body in the diet of the Hollywood beauty.

Jolie introduces cereals into the diet, but she does not cook cereals, but steamed them with boiling water in order to preserve their benefits as much as possible. Angelina often eats sprouted grains.

A liquid diet consists of copious amounts of clean, still water (Jolie tries to drink mainly spring water), freshly made juices from fruits, berries and vegetables, unsweetened ginger and green tea.

In addition to proper nutrition, the actress is actively involved in sports, in particular, kickboxing, kendo, streetfighting. Such workouts include cardio and strength training and minimize the chances of accumulating excess fat. Also, an obligatory part of Angelina’s sports activities are exercises with a heavy (5-7 kg) ball.

And if you need to urgently transform your figure, Angelina Jolie’s drinking diet helps quickly and reliably. This kind of diet works great if used for a short period of time. In 3 days, you can lose 3 kg. Jolie sat on this technique before filming the action movie Salt. Having felt the effectiveness of the drinking diet, the actress wanted to significantly extend the diet course, but her body failed and demanded normal food. This menu is not suitable for long-term use.

So, the day before the diet, you need to prepare the digestive tract, giving up fatty and heavy foods. A fractional meal, mainly vegetables, fruits and herbs, is the best preparation for a drinking diet. Then, for three days, it is only allowed to drink liquids – 250 ml every two hours. Allowed drinks: milk and fermented milk, vegetable broths, tea, coffee, broths from meat or fish, liquid cream soups, natural juices, compotes, fruit drinks, infusions and decoctions of herbs, still water. The fourth day, exiting the diet, is similar to the preparatory day.

Angelina has one more assistant in maintaining harmony – lemon juice… Thanks to him, 5-6 unnecessary kilograms leave the body in two weeks. In the morning on an empty stomach, you need to drink juice squeezed from one medium-sized lemon, diluted in 250 ml of water at room temperature. Such a simple procedure helps to accelerate metabolism and remove excess fluid from the body. Of course, in parallel with this, correct and low-calorie foods containing fiber, proteins and healthy fats should prevail in the diet. There should be no room on the table for fried, fatty, salty, sweet and rich foods. Give preference to fruits and vegetables (raw, baked, boiled), vegetarian soups, stews.

In the arsenal of the actress there is also a more rigid drinking diet. For two days you need to drink only water and one of the drinks below.

  • Option 1: dissolve fresh juice of one lemon in 1,5 liters of water, 2 tbsp. l. honey and a pinch of red ground pepper.
  • Option 2: Use the same amount of maple syrup instead of honey.

Divide the drink evenly throughout the day, drink water during breaks. Weight loss in 2 days – 1,5 kg. The next day it is allowed to consume dairy products, boiled vegetables, light soup; the body needs to prepare for a normal diet.

Despite the congenital thinness, Jolie, like many other newly minted mothers, had to struggle with extra pounds after giving birth. After the birth of her first child, the film star gained 19 extra pounds, but in one month she returned to her ideal forms. For this, Angelina adhered to a special postpartum diet, which was based on non-starchy fruits and vegetables, low-fat cottage cheese. It is recommended to eat 4 times a day, forgetting about food 3-4 hours before the night’s rest.

Angelina Jolie Diet Menu

An example of a daily diet in the first stage

First breakfast: coffee without sugar with added milk; any unsweetened fruit.

Second breakfast: salad (fresh cucumber with lettuce leaves) with yoghurt dressing.

Snack: smoothie (milk + blueberries + currants).

Lunch: low-fat ear with the addition of bell pepper, celery and herbs (it is better not to salt).

Afternoon snack: walnut; milk (250 ml).

Dinner: a slice of boiled turkey fillet; vegetable salad with olive oil and Dijon mustard.

Example of a daily diet for the second stage

First breakfast: coffee without sugar with added milk.

Second breakfast: muesli and unsweetened yogurt.

Snack: rye bread toast; 1 tsp honey; tea.

Lunch: cabbage soup cooked without meat.

Afternoon snack: blueberries (handful); cottage cheese (50 g).

Dinner: baked eggplant; celery; any freshly squeezed juice.

Contraindications to the Angelina Jolie diet

  • Any diet needs to be approached carefully, the advice of a qualified specialist will never be superfluous.
  • If at the beginning or during the diet, your health deteriorates sharply, stop experimenting with health immediately.
  • Angelina Jolie’s drinking diets described above, especially the second option, are unsafe for the body.
  • In the presence of problems with the kidneys or digestive organs, with anorexia, with diabetes, such diets are contraindicated.

The merits of the Angelina Jolie diet

  1. The most optimal and loyal of all the diets presented above is the Atkins low-carb diet. It is a proper and nutritious diet that provides the body with the necessary components.
  2. The diet is compatible with physical activity and a fairly active lifestyle.
  3. The good news is that the recommended diet includes enough fiber-rich foods. They promote satiety and detoxify the body.
  4. When choosing a diet, focus on your health. You can correct the figure in any way, but without overdoing it and competently approaching the composition of the diet menu.

Disadvantages of the Angelina Jolie diet

  • The indicated periods of drinking diets must not be exceeded, this can have an extremely negative effect on health.
  • In general, many nutritionists consider Angelina Jolie’s thinness unhealthy, and her usual diet is wrong. The menu should contain meat, fish and fruits, and not just practically some cereals.

Re-dieting Angelina Jolie

The diet can be repeated at any time, it can be simply made a lifelong diet.

It is extremely rare to experiment with drinking days, it is better to use them as a start before a regular balanced diet.

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