5 ways to find true love

Do what you love

The key to a positive dating experience is connecting with like-minded people who share your interests. Of course, there is a chance to meet your soul mate in a cafe or on the street, but having common interests and hobbies from the very beginning is already the key to success. Find entertainment to your liking, go to seminars, courses, practices and be sure to enjoy the process. When you do what you like and do not think about finding a partner, a soul mate will come to you by itself. And most importantly – do not rush to extremes. If you go into your hobby with your head, do not withdraw into yourself. Be open to new acquaintances!

Practice yoga (on your own or with a partner)

Yoga helps you to know your body and mind, and the better you know yourself, the easier it will be for you to know and accept another person. Practice makes it possible to delve into yourself, understand your strengths, weaknesses and accept them. In addition, it develops in us compassion and empathy, which is very important for relationships with people.

If you practice with your partner, you will feel a greater intimacy. Try asanas that need to be done together. There is another effective practice that promotes rapprochement: put your hand on your partner’s chest, let him put it on yours. Try to feel his breath with your hand and adjust your own to it. This way you will mentally tune into each other’s energy and with regular practice you will feel a closer connection.

Contact a psychotherapist

There is no need to be afraid of psychotherapists. Sometimes lingering loneliness is a problem that originates in your past that you are afraid to deal with. Conflicts with yourself or with other people prevent you from finding happiness, and even when you find the right person, you cannot build a normal relationship with him because of your complexes. It is not necessary to go to a psychotherapist once a week for years, find a qualified specialist and just go to the first session, and then rely on your feelings.

If you already have a partner, but periodically you feel that you do not understand each other, a therapist can help you understand yourself. You can not lead your soul mate to him, but visit a specialist on your own. Often we ourselves spoil the relationship, because we demand too much from the partner, but we ourselves cannot express our dissatisfaction with him and in general any thoughts.

Be yourself

When it comes to finding true love, it’s important to be yourself and not pretend to be someone else. Recognize that you won’t be able to wear the mask for long and you will still have to take it off. And be careful not to fall in love with someone else’s mask or who you think the person should be. Be yourself and learn to see other people without thinking about their images and without expecting anything from them. It happens that we fall in love with a character and a story that we ourselves invented, and are upset when the reality turns out to be completely different.


Meditation helps to relieve stress and get rid of complexes. The calmer you are and the less shy you are, the easier it is for you to contact other people and your partner in particular. Practicing meditation helps you to be in the present moment, more in control of your feelings and aware of the feelings of others, enhancing your capacity for empathy and compassion. Meditation promotes connection on a deeper level with your partner. Start with simple breath tracking, find practices online, or learn meditation from a certified instructor, and you’ll see an improvement in your relationships and life in general.

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