Why are sausages so expensive?

Why are sausages so expensive?

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Sausages that cause not pity, but trust and desire to immediately come from the store to cook delicious food for themselves are expensive. Especially high-quality, category A, produced not according to some dubious specifications and with unknown preservatives, but necessarily from meat and with a minimum of spices and additives. In fact, the choice of such sausages is limited to 1-2 brands, and all the others violate technologies and produce sausages of minimum quality. Of course, low-quality sausages immediately give out the taste – this is where the question arises, why a sausage product of category B with flour, starch and a bunch of preservatives costs an insane 200 rubles per kilogram for this composition? – Even chicken meat, albeit with bones, but fresh – costs the same!

Here we have to admit: we pay first of all for variety and convenience. Most of the sausages are called “boiled sausage”, which means that it is enough to heat the sausages in water or just in the microwave – and that’s it, the dish is ready. Of course, lovers of eco-products will object – why pay so much for useless? – but in practice, when there is no time and you need a snack in a couple of minutes, no ecological meat will help – but a pack of sausages will come in handy.

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