SPIDER . We put it next to bats and scorpions as a symbol of fear and haunted places.

Many of us imagine spiders as ruthless hunters who are just waiting to bite anyone who is nearby.


As you probably know – we work with these wonderful animals every day and try to change stereotypes about spiders We can even say that we are their private advocates in the human world.

Today we want to show you that the roles can be reversed and that there are animals that even the biggest tarantula will run away from. Just like other animals, spiders have their fears and they hide from creatures that might want to eat them.


What hunts spiders?

Contrary to appearances, there are many species of animals that include spider representatives in their diet. These include lizards, frogs and birds. There is even a snake that has made the tip of its tail look like a spider! This ornament is very useful. It is designed to attract the birds that the snake preys on.

In today’s episode we will tell you about the worst spider enemies. We will also present the most brutal creature of all mentioned today, i.e. … Tarantula hawk!

It is a species of a large insect from the family of stencils, closely related to wasps, and specializes in hunting tarantulas. This insect has developed methods that allow it to paralyze the spider and drag it to its hiding place, where the nightmare is just beginning. The “wasp” larva deposited in the spider’s body, develops in it and feeds on its interior. However, he can do it in such a way that he stays alive almost to the very end. brrrr .

The spider wasn’t chosen as the victim for nothing. It is immune to lack of food and water, so it can remain paralyzed for a long time. In addition, its abdomen is soft and easy to break through.

See how the fight for survival in the spider world looks like:

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