What is couple fitness?

Pair fitness – exercises designed to be performed together. This type of training has a lot of advantages: establishing communication, working out different muscle groups, the ability to practice anywhere and at any time.

Sport allows not only to strengthen physical health and psychological well-being, but also to improve communication skills if you work out with a partner. To perform paired exercises, you just need desire and free space, and a number of workouts can be done outdoors.

Benefits of pair training

Pair fitness can be done with the second half or a girlfriend / friend. You can work out with a partner with the same height, weight and physical fitness, or pick up a pair of a person of a different build. In any case, you can find exercises that are right for you.

Benefits of pair fitness:

  • Training together allows you to work out those muscle groups that are difficult to train alone.
  • Fitness develops coordination, endurance, agility, reaction, sense of rhythm.
  • When performing strength exercises, the partner acts as insurance.
  • The partner from the side sees whether the technique of the exercise is observed.
  • You can come up with exercises of varying complexity, adjusting the workouts to suit your capabilities and parameters. With a difference in height, you can use a bench or a threshold. You can adjust the load using partial weight.
  • No equipment or equipment needed.
  • The level of motivation rises: the partner will cheer up if laziness overcomes.

Thanks to paired fitness, you can maintain interest in training for a long time, since monotonous exercises get bored, and thanks to a partner, you can spend time more varied.

Pair training options

We picked up exercises for any cases and physical capabilities of the partner. In the first part, workout exercises are collected, since they can be performed without a rug and even if it is dirty outside. These workouts are also suitable for home use. In the second part – fitness for the home or playgrounds with flooring.

Exercises for the street and at home

  1. Leg rotation Stand opposite each other with your hand on your partner’s shoulder. The leg must be raised up to form a 90 degree angle. Keep your balance and try not to fall. Rotate alternately the foot, lower leg, thigh in both directions. Then change your leg.
  2. Swing your leg  – Put your hand on your partner’s shoulder. Perform side swings with a straightened leg.
  3. Ankle stretchExtend your arm and place it on your partner’s shoulder. Grab your foot by the toe and pull it towards your buttocks. Lock the position for 15-20 seconds. Do it several times.
  4. Running on the spot – Raise your hands and rest your palms. The bodies must be at an angle. Raise your legs quickly as if you were running.
  5. Squat – Hold hands and do simultaneous squats. Make sure your posture is straight.
  6. Squats with a partner on the shoulders – Suitable for a guy and a lighter girl. To reduce the load, the girl can hold on to a support: a horizontal bar, a Swedish wall.
  7. Press on weight – Suitable for cases when you need to download the press, but there is nowhere to lie down. The guy stands with his knees slightly bent. The girl grabs her partner by the waist. The guy holds the partner’s legs. The girl does twisting. The training is quite difficult, not designed for beginners.
  8. High chair – Stand with your back to each other. Hold hands. Squat down at the same time. This exercise can also be performed facing your partner.
  9. Back stretch – Stand with your back to your partner. Grab your elbows. The first leans forward, lifting the partner. Then the participants change.

Gym Workouts

  1. Planck  – Get into a plank position facing each other. Raise your right arms and touch with your palms. Lower your arms to the starting position. Do the same with the left hands. Make sure that the buttocks do not move from side to side. Complicate the exercise by replacing the bar with push-ups. Another option is a side plank with a turn of the body to the side: when turning, stretch your arms and touch with your wrists.
  2. Push-ups + exercises for the press One person lies on the floor with their legs bent. The second partner rests his hands on his knees and performs push-ups. The first one performs twisting. Another version of the exercise on the floor: the partner trains the press, the second participant turns his back, rests his palms on his knees and squats, bending his arms at the elbows.
  3. Squats and push-ups  – One partner rests his palms on the floor. The second takes his legs and performs squats. The first one does push-ups.
  4. By bicycle– Lie on the floor, tear your shoulder blades off the mat. Connect your feet and perform rotational movements.
  5. Leg press One lies on the floor and raises his legs vertically. The second rests his chest on his feet. The palms are locked into a castle. The one who is lying down performs presses, pressing his legs to his chest as much as possible.
  6. double twist– The only exercise in the selection, for which you need equipment – you need any straight stick. Partners lie down with a jack, take their hands on different ends of the stick. Perform a press press by raising your arms.
  7. Stretching for legs – Sit on the mat with your feet together (almost in the lotus position). The partner stands behind and gradually presses on the knees so that the shins touch the ground. It is necessary to avoid jerks and painful sensations.

After a good warm-up, you can start running together. This workout is suitable for partners with the same fitness level.

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