Vegan Vacation: 48 Hours in the Cayman Islands

There are many reasons to want to visit the Caribbean islands, but they usually have little to do with veganism. However, things are different with Grand Cayman! This upscale Caribbean resort with a gorgeous beach has plenty of vegan eateries and wellness activities to offer.

So, here is a guide on how to pamper yourself in the Cayman Islands for 48 hours!

Day 1


The best option for exploring the main island, which is 22 miles long, is to travel by car, which you can pick up at the airport. Remember that the Cayman Islands is a British territory, so traffic there is on the left hand side. Grand Cayman is known for its Seven Mile Beach – although it’s only 5,5 miles long – which is where you’ll most likely want to linger. The choice of hotels in the resort is great, but check out the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort, where you can find a variety of vegan dishes in the restaurants, as well as a full range of wellness activities, such as yoga classes, snorkeling and kayaking.

Snack time

If If you happen to be at the resort on a Sunday, the Marriott Beach Resort will offer you a one of a kind brunch. Locals also come here to eat (many say that this is the best place on the island), so be sure to book a table in advance. Treats include unlimited champagnes and signature cocktails, as well as a huge selection of food located at several different locations around the restaurant, many of which are vegan by default (you can ask one of the chefs to help you choose your meals). For example, the sushi bar has a few vegetable-only rolls, and the salad bar has fancy snacks, most of which are vegan. You can also find vegetarian desserts like banana cookies and mango pie. On any other day of the week, you can dine in Georgetown, the capital of the island, and take an outdoor table overlooking the ocean at. Trythose Green Goddess pizza with zucchini, eggplant and sunflower seeds or Green Peace pizza with fried beans, falafel, homemade vegan cheese and avocado. If you find yourself there on a Wednesday, you will be lucky.Because it’s Vegan Pizza Day, you’ll be able to try a special 20-inch pizza.

Moving to the beach

In the afternoon, drive to Rum Point, located in the northern part of the island. Here you will find picnic tables, hammocks and a beautiful white sandy beach. On the beach you can swim, snorkel and play volleyball. Dine at an upscale restaurant , in which much is decorated according to the Italian tradition. All the pasta there is homemade, and most of the dishes are prepared without the use of milk and eggs. Although the menu does not list vegan options, you can ask the waiter what vegan masterpiece the chef can prepare for you – this restaurant is always open to vegans.

Day 2

Yoga and iguanas

Movement is the best way to start the day! If you’re lucky, your hotel may offer you a beach yoga class or a meditation walk. If you have never tried surfboard yoga (also known as SUP yoga) – now you have a chance to enjoy this process in crystal clear water. Check out the classes offered on , or arrange a frequent class.

If you love nature, you can’t spend time in Grand Cayman without visiting. Walking along the numerous paths of the park, you will see gardens with plants that are part of the history of the island.

Look out for butterflies – the Cayman Islands is home to over 60 species of butterflies, five of which are indigenous to the island, and birds such as the Rainbow Green Cayman Parrot, which is one of the island’s national symbols. The real star of the 65-acre park is the blue iguana, once considered nearly extinct. Thanks to the work of the Blue Iguana Conservation Program, which breeds native iguana species and then releases them into the wild, the species has now been upgraded to endangered. To date, at least 1000 iguanas have been released into the wild, and you can see the results of this program when you take one of the park’s daily iguana habitat tours, offered daily from 10 am to 11 am, Monday through Saturday.

Take a break and taste the coconut squid

Get in the car and go to – a vegan cafe located on the seafront in the northwestern part of the island. The cafe’s menu has many meat-free options, accompanied by pig, chicken, and cow icons that say, “We’re not ingredients.” We highly recommend trying two dishes: vegan squid (roasted coconut with spicy tomato sauce) and Vivo Piadina (homemade Italian flatbread stuffed with seitan, avocado, tomato, arugula and vegan Thousand Island sauce).

If you feel like pampering yourself, book treatments at the spa. You will have time to leisurely sip a local kombucha drink while you wait in line at the Zen-style reception. If you like massages, you will surely enjoy Herbal Renew. And then take a moment in the relaxation room to write a wish on a tablet and hang it on a tree.

Evening treat

Spend your evening in a vegan bistro with a telling name “Chocolate Bread” then you will want to visit it more than once. Even if the hand-drawn slogan “Save the earth this is the only planet with chocolate” on bright walls will not hook you, then local food will surely succeed. The menu is quite large, but we advise you to try Pulled Porkless Sliders (fried jackfruit and crispy cabbage on homemade bread) or the Angus Beet Burger (garlic aioli, lettuce, tomato and red onion on a sesame seed bun). For dessert, you can enjoy coconut cookies or caramel brownies.

Whether you’re a fan of Caribbean resorts or not, there’s no doubt that Grand Cayman will exceed your expectations!

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