Vegan travel

Summer is travel time! Traveling is always a way out of your comfort zone, so why not try to bring something new to your diet at the same time? Wherever you go, you’re sure to find plenty of vegan-friendly establishments and meals, especially if you plan your itinerary ahead of time.

Since your favorite and familiar foods may not be available while traveling, you will have an additional incentive to discover as many new and tempting tastes as possible. Don’t try to eat the same foods you buy at home – instead actively seek out vegan options you don’t know. Most of the world’s cuisines offer amazing vegan dishes unlike anything you’re familiar with. Give new flavors a chance and you’ll be sure to return from your travels with an updated list of vegan favorites.

If your trip is going to be long, don’t forget to bring your nutritional supplements with you. In particular, two supplements that are especially important for vegans – B-12 and DHA/EPA – are almost impossible to find in most countries, so make sure you stock up on enough for the duration of your trip.

Regardless of which way you travel, there are usually no serious nutritional problems. But for your convenience, it is worth preparing a little.

Air travel

When booking flights, there is usually an option to opt for a vegan meal option. Budget airlines often sell snacks and meals that are ordered during the flight. Most of these airlines offer at least one vegan snack or meal. If it’s not possible to eat well on the plane, often good and filling food can be found at the airport, and you can usually take it with you on the plane. Many airports have restaurants with a good selection of vegan food, and the app will help you find them.

If you are taking food on a plane, be aware that airport security may confiscate cans of hummus or peanut butter.

Travelling by car

As you travel around the same country, you are likely to encounter chain restaurants that you already know where you can order vegan dishes. If you find yourself in an unfamiliar place, websites or a Google search will help you find restaurants.

Train travel

Traveling by train is perhaps the most difficult. Long distance trains usually have good if unsightly food options. If you have to travel by train for many days, take plenty of energy bars, nuts, chocolate and other goodies with you. You can also stock up on salads and keep them chilled with ice.

When planning a trip, it’s a good idea to look for vegan restaurants along your itinerary beforehand. A simple Google search will help you, and will take you to the best vegan-friendly restaurants in the world. There are also plenty of Bed and Breakfasts around the world that offer a vegan breakfast – if you have a budget for high-end accommodation, this is a great choice.

Sometimes language barriers make it difficult to understand the menu or communicate with the waiters. If you’re visiting a country whose language you don’t know, print out and take with you (currently available in 106 languages!). Simply find the language page, print it out, cut out the cards and keep them handy to help you communicate with the waiter.

Sometimes there are plenty of vegan restaurants on your way, and sometimes there are none at all. But even in the absence of them, you will certainly have access to fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts.

Admittedly, vegan travel to some places – like Amarillo in Texas or the French countryside – is extremely difficult. But if you have the self-catering option, you can buy groceries and cook your own meals. No matter how far from vegan your destination may seem, it’s usually easy to find vegetables, beans, rice, and pasta.

So, traveling as a vegan is not only possible, but not at all difficult. Moreover, it gives you a unique opportunity to try a variety of unusual dishes that you will not be able to taste at home.

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