Travel Tips: What a Vegan Needs on the Road

Professional traveler Carolyn Scott-Hamilton named 14 things without which she does not leave the threshold of her home.

“Traveling the world, I have to always keep my suitcase ready. It has the essentials at all times, so I can throw my clothes in there and leave in no time. But this list was not born overnight. Years of wandering around the globe passed before I realized what the minimum luggage should be, instead of packing everything that is in the house. I can share my years of experience on what healthy, vegan and eco-friendly things you should take with you instead of lugging unnecessary kilos around airports, train stations and hotels. Happy travels!”

Have your own reusable dinnerware set so you can eat on the go without littering the planet with plastic. You will be armed and will not starve while sightseeing. An excellent choice would be bamboo utensils – chopsticks, forks, spoons and knives. Get containers in which you can put both snacks and a full meal.

It is not always possible to eat properly while traveling and get the necessary five servings of vegetables. By adding wheat sprouts to the diet, you can make up for the lack of vegetables and fruits, strengthening the immune system and energizing to have enough strength for long excursions.

In addition to protecting the environment, you will have the opportunity to save money by not buying expensive water at airports. Glass is the best material for storing drinks, it is non-toxic, non-leaching, and the wide mouth makes it easy to clean. In such a bottle, you can mix water with herbs or fruits for additional hydration and hydration of the body.

From jet lag and eating disorders, the stomach can rebel during travel, so it is important to take probiotics regularly. They will ensure the work of the digestive tract, no matter how late the plane is, and how badly fed at the airport. Choose probiotics that can be stored at room temperature rather than frozen.

To get a good night’s sleep on an airplane, the traveler simply needs a comfortable eye mask. A bamboo mask is good because it does not let in not only light, but also microbes, since bamboo is a natural antiseptic.

The position of the neck determines whether sleep is good or bad. Have in your luggage the pillow that best supports your neck.

During the change of time zones, the quality of sleep first of all suffers, so it is so important to protect yourself from extraneous noise. Buy your earplugs in a zippered container so they don’t get dirty or get lost in your luggage. Wake up rested and go ahead, conquer cities and countries!

The durable vegan bag has plenty of storage space for your passport, water bottle, phone, and cosmetics. Easy to wash and looks super stylish!

They should be non-slip, fold compactly to take up less space in the bag, which is important for the traveler.

Pashmina is a large scarf that is traditionally made from wool. Bamboo pashmina is not only warm and stylish, but can also be used as a blanket on an airplane. When boarding, wrap it around like a scarf, and during the flight, unfold it and you will have your own clean and cozy blanket.

This is a salvation for those who are driving and for backpackers. There are models that work without WiFi. I recommend the CoPilot App.

Select Wisely Cards is a restaurant guide in over 50 languages. Convenient for a vegan, because it describes in detail where and what we can eat. Colorful photos will allow you to make the right choice and omit inappropriate dishes.

When traveling, I try to always be in touch, so you need to have a charger that can help out when there is no source of electricity nearby.

This is a great item to take with you when you travel. Lavender oil has many valuable properties. For example, spray it on your bed in a hotel to protect yourself from unwanted insects, or use it as a natural deodorant on an active walk.

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