The most popular street food in the world

Street food is part of the culture of the country where you will bother to visit. You should not ignore it, since the dishes there are ordinary, authentic and very original in taste. Also inexpensive. There are so unusual that you will not be served in any restaurant. So, what is worth trying in …

… Mexico

Undoubtedly, these are tacos and tostados that are well-known by many. These are tortillas: tacos – soft rice, tostados – crispy fried maize or wheat. These tortillas are served with a filling of your choice – beans, hot guacamole sauce, cheese, seafood. The filling is finely chopped and wrapped in a flat cake.

… India

Indian street food is striking in its variety – from boiled potatoes with wonderful spices to all kinds of pancakes. A visiting card for tourists is bel puri – a dish of light puffed rice, fried noodles with vegetables and a spicy sauce. Depending on the geography, nuts or pomegranates are added to the dish.


… France

The visiting card of France is the famous baguette, which is sold and served everywhere. One of the varieties of French street food is a fresh crispy baguette cut in half lengthwise with a variety of fillings. Often this is cheese, pâté, butter, or jam.

… New York

Yes, yes, yes, we will talk about hot dogs. It is surprising that a real hot dog is much simpler in ingredients, but for some reason it tastes much better than ours with Korean carrots. A New York hot dog classic is a boiled and fried sausage served in a bun with spices, ketchup, onions, mustard, herbs and chili.

… Greece

Greek street food is a show. Before your eyes, grilled meat and vegetables will be fried and served in a round cake. Such a dish is called souvlaki, and despite its apparent simplicity, it is incredibly tasty. Meat – pork, beef, poultry or fish to choose from. You can ask to add sauce or lettuce leaves.

… Germany

Currywurst is a fried pork sausage served whole or cut into pieces, with tomato sauce or curry. They offer fried potatoes or a bun. Sufficiently fatty and heavy snack, but it is simply impossible to pass by appetizing meat.

… Indonesia

Indonesia is also famous for its street food, which is often quirky and rather disgusting to look at, albeit delicious. If you’re not into the unusual, try nasi goreng – fried rice stewed in oil with onions, garlic, soy sauce and chili. Rice is served with egg, chicken or shrimp.

… Turkey

Famous Turkish sweets are also sold on the streets of tourist cities. It is unusual to try simit and kokorech. The first course is a bagel with poppy seeds or sesame seeds, which is served for breakfast. The second is lamb or goat meat, their own liver and edible offal, seasoned with lemon juice, olive oil, oregano and cooked on a spit. All this is finely chopped and served in a baguette.


Traditionally, shish kebab is a dish made from lamb meat, but if you wish, you can also serve it from beef, chicken, pork or fish. The meat is cooked on a skewer like a shish kebab and served with rice, flatbread or bun.

… Kenya

Samsa or more correctly – sambusa are small pies with different fillings: potato, onion, pea, meat. Sambusa is fried or baked and sold to the delight of passers-by and tourists.

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