The benefits of tea for your body


Tea is not just a drink warming or quenching thirst, it is a true tradition of many countries and peoples. In moderation and properly brewed tea is very useful for the body, but in order for it to come in handy and its harm does not exceed the benefit, it is necessary to understand the varieties and properties.

Black tea

This is probably the most popular type of tea. It comes with or without flavorings. Black tea tastes tart and it is customary to drink it strongly brewed.

The benefits of black tea


Tannin, contained in black tea leaves in large quantities, helps to increase immunity and prolong the youthfulness of the body. Black tea improves tone and is considered a natural energy drink. It is credited with reducing the growth of cancerous tumors, as the amount of antioxidants in black tea is quite high. Black tea is useful for stomach problems, nausea, heart disease and diabetes.

How to brew black tea

Black tea in a teapot is poured with water cooled to a temperature of 90-95 degrees, gradually, in small portions of 2 cm of teapot. Tea is infused for 4 minutes. Black tea is drunk with or without sugar, with lemon, apples, ginger, honey, milk or cream.

Green tea

Green tea also comes with various additives, and people prefer to drink it chilled during the hot season.

The benefits of green tea

Green tea contains vitamins C, PP and B group, it improves mood, acts as an antibacterial agent and is a powerful antioxidant. It is prescribed, among other things, for antitumor prophylaxis.

How to brew green tea

Green tea is brewed with boiled water cooled to 90 degrees for 5 minutes, depending on the strength of the drink. Due to its rich taste, green tea is drunk without added sugar or honey.

White tea

White tea is made from tea buds covered with white hair. It is very aromatic and delicate, giving an unusual soft taste.

The benefits of white tea

White tea is similar in its properties to green tea and contains the same vitamins – C, PP, B. Tea is useful during the period of a decline in immunity and in cases where the body needs powerful support after a protracted illness. Also, white tea soothes and adjusts to a major mood, reducing stress on the nervous system.

How to make white tea

It is recommended to brew white tea exclusively in porcelain dishes so as not to interrupt the unique taste and aroma. White tea is poured with water, not brought to a boil, at a temperature of no more than 85 degrees. A glass of water requires very few leaves – 3-4.


The longer this tea is stored, the tastier it becomes. It tastes unusual due to the specific processing by bacteria, thanks to which it is fermented, and storage in specially designated pits.

The benefits of pu-erh

Pu-erh is an invigorating drink and can replace coffee in the morning. It increases efficiency, improves well-being, normalizes blood pressure and removes toxins from the body. Pu-erh is also effective in combating excess weight.

How to brew puer

Pu-erh tea is brewed in earthenware, porcelain or glassware. Put a piece of compressed tea in a teapot and fill it with unboiled water, at a temperature of no more than 60 degrees. Pu-erh is brewed for 30 seconds.


Oolong tea has a rich flavor and aroma with an aftertaste of chocolate, fruits, flowers and spices.

Oolong benefits

Oolongs contain a lot of essential oils, vitamins C, D, E, K, B group, polyphenol, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, manganese – and the list goes on. Oolongs increase immunity, help the body resist attack by viruses and bacteria, and reduce the risk of tumor growth. This tea improves metabolism and stimulates metabolism, has a beneficial effect on the walls of blood vessels, promotes weight loss and rejuvenates.

How to brew oolong tea

Oolong tea is brewed with water, temperature 80-90 degrees for 3 minutes. The main thing is, after this time, pour the liquid into another dish so that the tea does not continue to brew. And from the new dishes it is already poured into cups in portions.

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