Taurus – salad and Fish – the soup: correct lunch according to Zodiac sign

Astrologers insist that nutrition of all Zodiac signs should be different, based on the preferences and use of certain products. What should be the dinner according to the date of birth?


Energetic Aries are prone to overeating, so eating frequency is chaotic and impulsive. They definitely need to drink water 20 minutes before lunch to not eat too much per meal.

Lunch of the RAM should be high-calorie and nutritious, to avoid the temptation to snack often. The first is a thick soup with meat or chicken broth soup with vegetables. The second course is beef with a side dish.


Calves expend energy evenly, so their lunch is not very different from Breakfast or dinner by caloric content and balance.

In the afternoon Tauruses is better to eat a salad With beet, celery or carrots, mushroom soup or borscht, and for the second meat or poultry. You can’t eat sausages and smoked meats.


The twins are unpretentious in food and like to eat what comes to hand. Therefore, they often suffer from digestive disorders. For this sign it is important to observe the principles of proper nutrition.

The Twins lunch – protein and fatty foods to permanently saturate the body and give it the necessary energy. And carbohydrates should be abandoned, as they promote weight gain. A great option is meals from the legumes, along with fresh herbs, onions, garlic and spices.

Taurus – salad and Fish – the soup: correct lunch according to Zodiac sign


Cancers are big foodies. Their lunch needs to be nutritious, as by this time this sign is very hungry.

It’s meat and fish dishes with high carb side dish – mashed potatoes or rice. From sharp spices, mustard and ketchup it is better to refrain.


Lions have to eat hearty, preferably a 3-course meal with dessert. The figure of a lion is not in danger – they are not in a hurry and savor every bite.

For lunch we recommend the salad of vegetables, hot meat dish, better than fried or oily. Garnish will suit buckwheat, rice, broccoli and spinach.


It is hard to tear away Virgin from work, so they eat only when hunger makes itself felt. They, like to eat, it is better to drink water before dinner, so as not to throw with a passion for food.

The lunch menu of Virgos needs vegetables rich in potassium: potatoes, zucchini, eggplant. Meat is better to replace the red fish. Dessert should be light and airy.

Taurus – salad and Fish – the soup: correct lunch according to Zodiac sign


Weights does not follow a strict diet, they also eat situational. Libra tend to gain weight, so calorie of a dinner should correspond to the energy consumption.

Libra is recommended to refrain from fat, and pay attention to carbohydrates, which will fill them with energy. The lunch menu should include a variety of vegetables and root crops, and meat choose lean poultry or beef.


Scorpio under any pretext will not miss lunch. And since the Breakfast of the Scorpion is often delayed, and lunch moves slightly. This meal should be dense and include hot noodle soup or a hearty cereal lean meat, poultry or fish on the second with vegetables, seafood.


Sagittarians love good food, it will prefer very simple meals. Because of the tendency to be overweight this is a sign that you need to limit the amount of fatty, fried and peppered.

A great choice for lunch – fresh or steamed vegetables, brown rice, soups, lamb or veal, lean beef and poultry. The meal should conclude with a Cup of green tea which speeds up metabolism.

Taurus – salad and Fish – the soup: correct lunch according to Zodiac sign


Capricorns are obsessed with proper nutrition and put food quality above all else. They will not miss lunch and chooses the most balanced meals.

In the afternoon the Capricorn need to include soup with meat or chicken broth, a salad with green vegetables, seasoned with olive oil. Bread is better to prefer cereals, and meat – rabbit.


Aquarians ignore proper nutrition and do not like to cook, so often eats up fruits and berries. For lunch for this diet is not suitable.

Aquarius lunch should be nutritious and light at the same time. Fatty, fried, smoked and salted is bad approach, but steamed and boiled – at the time. Vegetables, lean meat, poultry, fish, brown rice. Will not give up Aquarius from the soup and salad with olive oil. Bread is better to eat rye.


Fish are also consumers-gourmets. Fresh taste does not fit this Zodiac sign, they like it meatier and tastier. Because of the tendency to be overweight, they still have to choose healthy foods.

A Fish dinner should be light with the mandatory inclusion of soup. The second course is fish or lean meat paired with a vegetable side dish. Fats and carbohydrates better to cut back significantly.

What to eat for breakfast according to zodiac – watch in the video below:

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