Sun + moles = dislike?

– First you need to understand what a mole is (birthmark, nevus). These are peculiar anomalies in the development of the skin, Anna explains. “These small brown dots accumulate melanin in large quantities, the pigment responsible for the color of our skin. Under the influence of ultraviolet, the production of melanin increases, and we become tanned. The production of melanin is a protective reaction of the body to sunburn.

Ordinary, small, flat moles should not cause concern. But if something happens to them – they change color, increase, then this is a reason to visit a specialist. For example, after sunbathing, you find that one of your moles is swollen, then you need to get checked. Any deformations, damages, changes in color can lead to very unpleasant consequences – to the development of a malignant tumor (melanoma).

What to do?

Examine your moles regularly for any changes;

· Do not use perfumes and other perfumes on the beach. The chemicals in these cosmetics attract the sun’s rays;

Everyone knows, but it would be useful to remind you once again – take care of your moles, in no case rip them off, do not comb, etc.;

· If you have a lot of moles, and with age their number is still growing, then sunbathe less, at the right time (before 12 and after 17.00) and using the necessary protective equipment. In places where moles are the most, it is better to apply cream with a UV filter twice;

In the presence of a large number of moles, it is undesirable to use a solarium;

· Do not lie under the direct rays of the sun, sunbathe in stages, drink more pure non-carbonated water;

· If you find rashes of freckles after sunbathing, then you should not try to get rid of them with yogurt or sour cream. Dairy products clog pores, and this can provoke the development of an infection;

· It is not worth sticking a patch on moles that seem suspicious to you on the beach – a greenhouse effect can occur under the patch, which can just adversely affect the life of the nevus. It is enough just to be prudent and take all the necessary precautions.



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