star spice – star anise

Star anise, or star anise, is often used as an exotic spice in Indian as well as Chinese cuisines. It not only gives a strong flavor to the dish, but also has health benefits, which we will look at in more detail in the article. Antioxidants are known to kill free radicals that cause cellular damage, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Free radicals are constantly produced in our body as a by-product of metabolism. Their excessive presence can be neutralized by a sufficient amount of antioxidants. Foreign, including Indian, studies have discovered the powerful antioxidant properties of star anise due to the presence of linalool in it. Anise shows an effect on skin problems associated with candidiasis, which is caused by the fungus Candida albicans. These fungi commonly affect the skin, mouth, throat, and genital areas. Korean researchers noted that essential oils and some anise extracts have strong antifungal properties. Star anise oil, tested on patients with rheumatism and back pain, showed a positive result in relieving pain. Regular massage with the addition of anise oil is recommended. In China and other South Asian countries, star anise is added to tea. It is believed to help with digestive problems such as gas, indigestion, and constipation. In addition, anise activates the work of metabolic enzymes.

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