Signs of ectopic pregnancy, early ectopic pregnancy


Signs of ectopic pregnancy, early ectopic pregnancy

Every woman who is going to become a mother needs to know the signs of an ectopic pregnancy. After all, if the fetus begins to grow outside the uterine cavity, this can lead to dangerous and sometimes fatal consequences.

Signs and symptoms of ectopic pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy is considered to be such a pregnancy in which the fertilized egg never entered the uterus, but was fixed in one of the fallopian tubes, ovary or abdominal cavity.

Signs of an ectopic pregnancy may only appear at 4-5 weeks

The danger is that, starting to develop in the wrong place, the embryo can harm the reproductive system of the mother. When it begins to grow, organs unsuitable for bearing a child are injured. Often the result of abnormal pregnancy is internal bleeding or rupture of the fallopian tube.

In the early stages, signs of an ectopic pregnancy can be conditions such as:

  • pulling pain in the ovaries or in the uterus;
  • early onset of toxicosis;
  • aching abdominal pains radiating to the lower back;
  • smearing or profuse bleeding from the vagina;
  • increased body temperature;
  • lowering the level of pressure;
  • severe dizziness and fainting.

At first, a woman experiences the same sensations as with a successful conception, and alarming signs may appear only in the 4th week. Unfortunately, if the listed symptoms are absent, it will be possible to identify an ectopic pregnancy only at the moment when it declares itself as an emergency.

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What to do if you suspect an ectopic pregnancy?

If for some reason you suspect you have an ectopic pregnancy, immediately contact your gynecologist. The first signs that should alert both the doctor and the woman are a low level of hCG and a negative or weakly positive result on the test strip.

Perhaps a low hCG indicator indicates hormonal disorders, and a negative test indicates the absence of pregnancy, so you should not diagnose yourself ahead of time. If the doctor confirms that the pregnancy is pathological, there is only one way out – the removal of the embryo.

The best method for terminating an ectopic pregnancy is laparoscopy. The procedure allows you to carefully remove the fetus and preserve the health of the woman, without depriving her of the opportunity to become pregnant again

Symptoms of pathological pregnancy need to be recognized as early as possible, only in this case the risk to the health and life of the woman is minimized. After a course of special treatment, she will be able to become pregnant again and safely bear the baby.

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