Milk. Where have we been deceived?


It is no secret that man is a product of society. The filling of the mind does not happen by our will, but by chance. It depends on where we are, in what environment we grow up.

1. Have you seen in nature that one kind of mammal drank the milk of another kind? For example, a giraffe drank bear milk, a hare drank horse milk.

2. Have you seen this same mammal drinking it throughout its life?!

Only a man can come up with such a thing, because he is wiser than Nature! As Zeland writes: “It is all very sad. Man, imagining himself the king of nature, launched a presumptuous and destructive fuss to remake the unique biosphere that had been created over millions of years. Do you understand what is happening? It’s like letting a monkey into a chemistry lab. And whatever this monkey does there, even from scientific, even from super-scientific positions and motives, will turn into a disaster.”

Regardless of where the cow is kept, she must give birth to a calf every year. A bull-calf cannot give milk, his fate is inevitable. A cow that bears a fetus for 9 months does not stop milking. To increase the amount of milk, meat and bone meal and fish industry waste are often added to the feed, as well as growth hormone and antibiotics are injected.

Calves are weaned immediately after birth. They feed the animal with milk replacers with no iron and fiber – to give that very delicate light color.

Being under constant stress, cows develop Bovin’s leukemia, Bovin’s immunodeficiency, Cronin’s disease, and mastitis. The average life expectancy of a cow is 25 years, but after 3-4 years of “work” they are sent to the slaughterhouse.


The brilliant doctor K. Campbell wrote a famous book on the causes of human diseases, The China Study. Here is an extract from it: “Apparently, neither children nor their parents are taught that milk consumption can lead to type XNUMX diabetes, prostate cancer, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases and that experimental studies indicate the ability of casein – the main protein contained in dairy products – cause cancer, increase the level

blood cholesterol and increase atherosclerotic plaques.

Let us turn to the works of academician Ugolev. Here is what he writes about breastfeeding children: “If mother’s milk is replaced with milk of representatives of mammals of other species, then using the same mechanism of endocytosis, foreign antigens will enter the internal environment of the body, since at an early age the immune barrier in the gastrointestinal tract does not yet exist .

In this case, a situation arises that many immunologists assess as extremely negative, since due to the natural mechanism, a huge amount of foreign proteins enter the internal environment of the child’s body. A few days after birth, endocytosis almost completely stops. At this age, with milk nutrition, a different picture emerges, indicating sharp differences between mother’s and cow’s milk. 

Milk is also valued because of Sa, there really is a lot of it. Therefore, doctors advise drinking it, as well as eating cottage cheese and cheese.

The first question: why do cows, in order to get it themselves, do not drink milk from other cows, or, say, elephants, giraffes? Yes, because all the vitamins and microelements that a certain species really needs are present only in the milk of YOUR mother!

And second: why do we need so much calcium? Should we, like a calf, get up on our feet on our birthday?

There are many plant sources of calcium. Compare data on the content of calcium in milk and cabbage, dates, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and other products. 

In addition to calcium, silicon is also required for bone strength (oats, barley, sunflower seeds, bell peppers, beets, greens, celery). In addition, exercise increases bone density, but not cow’s milk!

What have we forgotten about? We have a special love for him … Like chocolate, cakes and alcoholic beverages.

Dairy products are not produced by killing an animal. This means that they do not contain stress hormones that lead to increased pressure, excitability, aggression and addiction. But at the same time, they contain opiate products, which are already directly drugs. These opiate products are contained in milk so that when a cow feeds a calf, this calf wants to come to her mother and eat and be more calm.

Cheese, as you know, is a more concentrated product than milk! Thus, opiate products calm a person, create lightness and peace of mind.

Who knows how polluting the environment is livestock farming?


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