March 8 under the sign of “eco”: what to give a conscious girl?

If your sweetheart is a lover of oriental practices, she will surely enjoy practicing on a real Indian rug! It can be made of environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic materials – cotton, bamboo. You can choose a monophonic version, or an interesting print. And getting a rug with a custom-made pattern will be especially pleasant for your soul mate!

Surprisingly, without this seemingly ordinary little thing, girls who are worried about nature have a pretty hard time! Bottled water from supermarkets, plastic cups from office coolers turn into mountains of unrecyclable garbage. And carrying water in a glass container all day long is very inconvenient! If you solve this small problem, the girl will be grateful to you: firstly, you can find a lot of original models of reusable bottles made of steel, light glass or plastic. Secondly, sports and eco-goods stores offer a wide range of containers with a bright and unique design. Choose the one that the girl likes, and – voila, an ideally useful gift for March 8 is ready!

Kuznetsov’s applicator, extremely popular in Soviet times, has become again in demand on the health products market, but today’s manufacturers are improving it every day! Acupuncture mat reduces muscle tension, relieves stress, helps fight fat deposits and even restores skin tone. The kit with some types of modern applicators also includes a pillow that helps to relax the head after a hard day’s work, stimulates metabolic processes and ensures a stable blood flow to the brain. In addition, modern massage mats are made from environmentally friendly materials, durable and easy to use.

A broken cup, of course, fortunately, but just imagine how many years it will take for it to become part of nature? And plates or mugs made of bamboo, corn, starch, reed or wheat straw will not only not harm the environment, but will also become an original decoration for the kitchen. By the way, you can paint them yourself in the workshop!

Such a gift will be to the taste of creative nature, because you can apply any pattern you like on the canvas, decorate it with beads, appliqué, buttons or ribbons. Give your sweetheart the opportunity to express yourself creatively!

– household appliances, without which it is almost impossible to do for those who adhere to proper nutrition. Does your girlfriend enjoy smoothies, wheatgrass, or dried fruits? Give her the opportunity to create her favorite dishes in her own kitchen.

The fair sex, who loves to deal with flowers, take care of ornamental plants, will be very pleased to receive such a present from you!

The modern world is hard to imagine without smartphones, tablets, laptops. If your soul mate is used to being online all the time, charging that does not harm nature will please her very much. The efficiency of a solar-powered device is not inferior to conventional ones powered by the mains, but it does not take away precious resources from the planet.

 If your girlfriend prefers good deeds to gifts, then this is a great option! Find a service on the Internet that provides an opportunity to order the planting of several seedlings in the impoverished forests of our country. Pay for the purchase, and the foresters will plant trees and shrubs on the territory. As a symbolic gift for this noble cause, you can be sent a certificate and a beautiful bracelet with a simple brass pendant in the form of a fruit or flower, which you will hand over to the recipient on March 8.

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