How to organize organic nutrition for your baby

If genetically modified and chemical-laden foods can cause adverse health effects in adults, what about toddlers? However, many people, when buying organic food for themselves, choose regular baby food for their offspring. Fortunately, organizing organic nutrition for a child is not a difficult and enjoyable task.

The foundation of a better diet starts with quality ingredients. If possible, it is better to grow them yourself. If not, buy in the organic departments. The choice must be made on products of local origin, which are as fresh as possible. When you bring the product from the market or from the store, be sure to rinse it well.

For very small vegetables and fruits, you need to bring them to a puree state. To achieve the desired consistency, dilute them with breast milk or just water.

If fruits or vegetables are hard (potatoes, apples, etc.), they need to be cooked for a long time until softened. Then make a puree, adding a little liquid if necessary. It is not necessary to buy a processor for baby food, which is offered by suppliers. A blender will suffice, and for soft vegetables like sweet potatoes, a fork will do.

This applies to both fruits and vegetables. Made food – feed right there. If foods are stored, the level of nitrates in them rises. Plan your baby’s meals for the day and freeze the rest.

· Get ​​creative. Mix different fruits and vegetables. By the face of your baby, you will understand which combination he likes best.

Be sure to monitor the temperature of the food being served.

Buy organic grains like brown rice. Grind it into flour. Then add breast milk or water and boil the mixtures yourself.

Do not separate baby food. If you are cooking green beans for the family, chop up the baby portion. There is no need to prepare the child separately each time.

In the body of children who eat ordinary food, the concentration of pesticides is six times higher than normal. We have an obligation to take responsibility for the health of our children and should not be passed on to baby food companies.

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