How to cook roast

I used to like cooking stews more, but when I felt the rhythm of cooking and the taste of the roast, I really fell in love with this dish. The process of washing and slicing vegetables is a good soothing process at the end of the working day. Roast is obtained as a result of three successive steps: 1) First you need to fry seasonings (for example, chili peppers, garlic and shallots) in vegetable oil. 2) Then add vegetables and broth (some recipes use stewed vegetables). 3) To make the dish thick, add sauce or corn starch at the end of cooking. At the first stage, we give the oil a taste and aroma. On the second – we cook vegetables, and on the third – we get a thick sauce. For roasts, it is best to use a wok with thin walls. Thin metal walls conduct heat very well, which allows you to quickly cook vegetables. If you are cooking in a large light pan, your movements should be very fast and vigorous. Stir the vegetables with a large metal spatula. The best way to get a hot pot master class is to go to a Chinese restaurant and see how they cook it. This is a very exciting sight. Roast cooking technique There are very simple recipes for vegetarian stir-fry – for example, roast from one vegetable, but there are also complex recipes – with tofu, noodles and other products. Regardless of the number and variety of ingredients, the technique for preparing a roast is the same: 1) Thoroughly wash and cut all the ingredients, blanch the vegetables if necessary and put them in different bowls. Before you start cooking, you should have everything at hand. 2) In a wok, heat vegetable oil and brush the sides of the pot with it. (To tell if the oil is hot enough, you can put a small piece of fresh ginger into the pot, when it turns light brown, this means that the oil has warmed up). 3) Add seasonings (shallot, ginger, garlic, red pepper flakes) and start stirring immediately. This process takes from 30 seconds to 1 minute. 4) Add vegetables and a few pinches of salt and stir vigorously with a kitchen spatula. Stirring from the center of the pot will cook the vegetables faster. 5) If needed, add broth or water in which mushrooms, soy sauce, tofu and other similar ingredients have been soaked. 6) Next, in some recipes, you need to cover the pot with a lid and cook the vegetables until soft. After that, you need to make a small indentation in the center of the vegetables and add diluted corn starch. When the starch thickens and darkens, you need to mix everything. 7) At the end of cooking, add light seasonings (roasted sesame seeds, peanut butter, cilantro, roasted seeds or nuts), taste, add salt or soy sauce to taste and serve. Source: Translation: Lakshmi

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