How to cook a Patty for Burger

A classic dish from American cuisine at first glance, it is straightforward to cook. But still, in all the processes, there are certain rules, observance of which influences the taste of the dish. Special attention should be paid to the mincemeat – the main ingredient. How to cook a good chicken Burger?

To make homemade burgers better to do mince by yourself. Grind it with a food processor or manually with a knife. Depending on the cut, it is possible to obtain meat patties of various forms – based on personal taste.

Below the cutlet is well fried and does not lose its juices; to prepare minced meat, it must be chilled but not frozen. You should also chill all the processor details to at high speed they do not have time to heat the meat.

How to cook a Patty for Burger

Before the formation of the stuffing on each Patty should weigh, they get the same size and shape. Besides, the same weight of burgers allows you to calculate the lie of their cooking accurately.

For salting meat, use kosher salt, which contains no additives and will not ruin the burgers’ taste. Salt dissolves muscle proteins and begins to draw out the moisture, so it is desirable to add salt before frying.

All patties must be cooked very quickly, as, from cuts, heat source, additives meat changes the texture.

How to cook a Patty for Burger

Select the desired degree of readiness of meat:

  • rare – meat red and raw in the center
  • medium-rare meat starts turning pink,
  • medium – completely pink meat, a little drier previous degree of doneness,
  • medium well – brown-pink dry meat,
  • well done – fully cooked meat.

The roasting process eliminates the need to flip the chop and pry with a shovel constantly. Completely fry one side and then flip.

Burgers are ready to take their place. Choose any toppings – vegetables, herbs, cheese, sauces, flavored bread and enjoy the taste.

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