How to choose canned cod liver

1. To make sure you are looking at the correct cod liver, take a look at factory markingembossed on the lid. Assortment mark of canned food “” – 010. Look for these numbers at the beginning of the second row.


2. When buying, pay attention, first of all, to foods of the highest quality. Most often, frozen liver is used for grade 1 canned food. This means that the product will be less tasty and tender.

3. Carefully read the composition of canned food and give preference to those where it says “made from fresh liver”, and even better: “made at sea from fresh liver.” Ideally, if it is the Barents Sea and a manufacturing plant from Murmansk.


4. “Liver in Murmansk style” is on sale. According to GOST, this liver is “finely ground” and looks more like fish mousse than the usual cod liver in pieces. But such an original presentation is almost not reflected in the taste.


5. When you open the canned food, it is good if about 85 percent of the can is liver pieces, and only 15 percent is the filling. They say that a high-quality liver, if you shake a jar, should not gurgle. Try it out in practice!

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