How can we protect the planet

National Geographic broadcasts, Instagram posts and stories from friends inspire us to spend holidays in nature. An active holiday in the mountains, forests or at the sea charges you with energy and impressions. And if we do not take care of nature now, these places will soon be destroyed. But as strange as it may sound, it is up to us to keep them. What exactly can we do? Save water, recycle waste, ride less cars and more bikes, organize and participate in volunteer waste collection activities in the city and in nature, buy products from local manufacturers, use reusable bags instead of plastic bags, and financially support charities involved in protection environment. And the easiest way is to consume more plant foods. Animal husbandry causes enormous harm to the environment, as it entails clearing forests for new pastures, pollution and inefficient use of fresh water, excessive consumption of electricity and the emission of greenhouse gases. Advantages of vegetable nutrition: 1) Reasonable use of natural resources. Much fewer natural resources are required to produce plant foods. According to United Nations researchers, “livestock causes indelible damage to the environment.” 2) Pure fresh water. Manure and manure from livestock complexes contain many bacteria of the intestinal group and, getting into surface and ground waters, cause water pollution with pathogenic microorganisms, nitrogenous and other harmful substances. 53% of the world’s population uses fresh water for drinking. 3) Water saving. Animal protein production requires much more water than vegetable protein production: agriculture uses less water than animal husbandry. 4) Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. You can do so much more for the planet by eating a plant-based diet than by driving a hybrid car. Livestock contributes to the release of more carbon dioxide into the air than all cars, motorcycles, trains and planes combined. So vegetarianism is good not only for human health, but also for the health of the entire planet. Source: Translation: Lakshmi

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