Grape Seeds – A Bitter Cure for Cancer

Scientists have found that eating grape seeds can significantly help prevent and directly treat cancers that affect hundreds of thousands of people around the world, according to the information portal about science PlosOne.

As it turned out, grape seeds are most effective against stomach cancer, especially in combination with traditional therapy. They also greatly help to avoid such unpleasant effects of cancer therapy on the digestive system, such as intestinal mucositis. Such directions for the medical use of grape seeds have not revealed any side effects. The discovery was made by scientists at the University of Adelaide (Australia).

Dr. Amy Chia, who led the study, said: “This is the first time we have found evidence that grape seeds help in the treatment of stomach cancer.” She reported that if a person eats grape seeds, they immediately begin their work of destroying cancer cells inside the intestines (if, of course, they are there), while not disturbing the work of healthy cells.

Taking grape seeds does not have a negative effect on the body (including in the case of taking a large amount of concentrated extract).

A completely different picture, of course, is observed when using the traditional method of cancer treatment – chemotherapy – which negatively affects the entire body, not just cancer cells. It’s too early to talk about grape seed treatment alone, but grape seed extract is already very effective as an adjunct to moderate chemotherapy, said Dr. Chia.

ТThus, another vegan product has shown itself from a new side in the light of the latest medical research. It may be surprising to note that in advanced medicine there is an interesting trend: the use of synergy of the most modern medicines with … healthy vegetarian and even more often vegan nutrition – that is, the forces of nature itself! Characteristically, scientists confirm over and over again: a healthy diet with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables significantly increases the vital potential of the body and its ability to heal itself.

Of course, no one suggests directly eating grape seeds as a cancer prevention (and this is not safe for digestion). A natural extract is used in a form convenient for taking. Of course, everyone in a row should not run to the pharmacy and urgently buy packages of such an extract – because if you are a vegetarian or vegan, you already have an average reduced likelihood of cancer.

However, if your family has had similar medical problems, it is worth considering this new interesting information – and of course, increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables to strengthen the body’s defenses, health experts say.  


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