Ethical clothing and footwear: the best and most affordable

Today we will talk about ethical clothing and footwear, leading foreign brands and the most successful materials, as well as how to buy it inexpensively. There are people who like to go all the way to the end in everything – including their love for animals and for this planet. In fitness and healthy lifestyle. In the style of clothing and the materials from which it is made. These people are ethical vegans. They do not like not only meat and other “killer” food (poultry, fish, seafood), but also products of animal exploitation: honey, milk, eggs. As for the clothes of these people, these are, of course, 100% ethical materials, including leather substitutes, and in no case skin or fur torn from animals. If your whole life – like a slogan, like a tattoo on your shoulder – says “VEGAN FOREVER”, then this is your choice, a lifestyle, and this is not discussed. Whether you’ve chosen this lifestyle or are just looking at the “maximalist vegans” with interest, you’ll be curious about what we’ll talk about below, about the uncompromising choice of ethical materials in clothes, shoes and accessories. There are still people who believe that finding stylish clothes and shoes made from plant-based fabrics and vegan leatherettes is a difficult task. This is not true! Progress and fashion are moving forward, and the solution to the question of “what to wear and wear, if not animal skins” in the XNUMXth century is resolved quickly. To begin with, about the keywords to search for what we need. Let’s decide right away what we need and what we don’t! Because we will search based on the material first, and then the model and size. NON-ethical materials (wholly or partly made from animals or obtained as a result of their exploitation): Genuine leather, suede, nubuck, natural fur, wool, cashmere, angora, pashmina, alpaca, natural silk, down, etc. ETHICAL materials – artificial or vegetable that have never been part of any animal: Polyester, polyurethane, synthetic winterizer, acrylic, microfiber, fleece, artificial leather, artificial fur, artificial suede, artificial nubuck, cotton, viscose, linen, bamboo, etc. To search in online stores, also use the words: eco-leather, eco, vegan, eco, vegan, recycle, vegan leather, vegetable leather, manmade leather, faux leather, faux fur. By the way, do you want this diagram in a form convenient for printing? (cm. here) IDEA! On many large clothing and footwear sites (for example, LaModa), you can search for clothes, shoes, accessories BY MATERIAL! It is convenient and saves a lot of time. Now that we figured out what to ask in stores and what to google on the Internet, let’s get to work! Yes, and let’s be clear: we’re not just looking for relatively expensive clothes from leading eco-brands like Stella Maccartney. Although, since we are talking about Stella, she is also sold in boutiques “Aizel” (Stoleshnikov lane, house 11 k.1) and “Apartment 29” (Zubovsky blvd., house 29), and in “GUM” ( Red Square, house 3). Now to more affordable options (although, by the way, the prices for Stella McCartney are not cosmic). You can even start a search not even on the Internet, I’m right … in stores nearby: the result can be obtained very quickly. After all, we don’t have to have a store that is 100% vegan and ethical – we just need to find something ethical for ourselves! Need shoes? – I advise you to start your search with Carnaby stores (“Carnaby”), there are a lot of them in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and they are in other cities (a whole network – see below). on the site). Here you can pick up shoes made of synthetics, and fashionable designs. Shops Sketchers, Walking (Moscow and other cities) also sell modern ethical shoes. Sports shops: incl. Shopping center “Extreme” (metro station “Rechnoy Vokzal”), in Decathlon, in the Sportmaster chain (including budget purchases – in Sportmaster-Discount) – they often offer a wide selection of synthetic clothing and shoes, but we always read the information on the labels: 100% – ethical brands are not noticed! It is easy to find ethical clothes and shoes made of synthetics, and even bags from such major foreign brands as Adidas, Nike, Columbia, Quechua. Many not-so-famous sporting goods manufacturers also make casual shoes, clothes, accessories – something that can be worn around the city. (For example, HiTech makes good city shoes, in addition to inexpensive sports shoes). There is a lot of artificial fur in the stores “THING!” and “Christia”, and if you need accessories, for example, gloves, handbags – see Accessorize stores. Many brands produce part of their products from ethical materials, although they do not make entire eco-friendly collections: for example, such things are 100% in Diesel, LEVI’s, Camel Active, UNIQLO stores. True, be prepared to meet leather shoes and belts there: try not to spoil your mood! Large manufacturers of tourist equipment have a lot of good veg clothes and shoes, and the models are often very fashionable – even in the city, even in the forest! Clothing and footwear Look for ethical brands (attention! some do not only make ethical things, but they are in assortment) that are sold in Russia: Arny praht, Faun, Eco Fashion, Thanks4life , The Skin, TOMS , Modress, Flosssyshoes, Native Shoes (in the shopping center “Tsvetnoy”), etc. With delivery from abroad (attention! – additional customs fees are possible!) – you can purchase ethical clothing and footwear brands: Stella McCartney, Good Guys, Elisabeth’s, Olsenhaus, Keep, Beyond Skin, Bourgeois Boheme, Slowers, Opificio V, Wills, Avesu, Bahatika, Coquette, Mooshoes, Cri de Coeur, Reformation, Braintree clothing, Folkdays, Alternative Outfitters, Vegan Cuts, Vegetarian shoes, Ethica, Modavanti, Muso Koroni (100% veg) , Free people , Vesica Piscis (shoes), etc. Bags and Accessories 100% vegan brands: Etsy, Denise Roobol, Matt & Nat, Just Lovely, Gunas, Jill Milan, Freedom of animals, Wilby, Hipsters for sisters, Stella McCartney, Olsenhaus, Pinatex (pineapple bags!) and more can be found vegan items from: Ethica, Braintree clothing, Folkdays, Alternative Outfitters, Free people. If you speak English at least at the level “with a dictionary” and a plastic bank card, you can find many other ethical brands and stores. With delivery it will be a little more difficult – you will have to organize an intermediary. They deliver to their warehouse in the USA, and from there to you, and it turns out to be not much more expensive. And such – Russian speakers! – Fortunately, even today there are quite a few companies. Nothing separates you from ordering tens of thousands of 100% vegan items from overseas right now! And how to buy ethical very cheap? (Vegan hacks) In fact, many of the above brands are already quite affordable, and certainly much cheaper than fashionable wardrobe items made of leather, fur and other “killer” materials! But if you set a goal to buy as much as possible for the same money, you can:

  • stock up on patience, a currency calculator, and search – for the keywords indicated at the beginning of the article – on, and Moreover, choose the slowest and cheapest delivery options (on E-Bay and Amazon – sometimes, and you have to look, but on the Chinese “AliExpress” they are almost always available!).
  • Speaking about the delivery of goods from abroad – even if the option is not the most “chip”, you can always agree with friends and buy a supply of clothes for the season, immediately for 2-3 families and vegan friends: it will come out significantly cheaper! The cost of shipping a number of things is almost always added up and it will be much cheaper to buy a lot of clothes and shoes at once. And the size of the shipment usually does not affect the delivery time. Just always take into account customs rules, restrictions, fees – including for “sanctioned” goods.
  • Or look for vegan collections with discounts: for example, here
  • Naturally, no one has canceled high-quality, fresh second-hand – and offline stores, and, for example, sites such as
  • Plus, you can use online discounters – sites that specialize specifically in selling discounted clothes and shoes (leftovers, marriage, used, last pair, old collection, unpopular color, etc.). For shoes, I recommend, for example, where you can get new, branded urban or sports shoes, bags, clothes made from ethical materials, the price starts from $ 10-20. Just keep in mind that cheap delivery is slow, so the discount item can take a month or more: “prepare the sleigh in the summer.”
  • Many major manufacturers of sports and outdoor clothing – which means – ethical and high-quality synthetics! – there is a permanent discount section. These are, for example, “WebSpecials” from Columbia, as well as “Factory Seconds”, “Unique Samples” and the general discount section (it’s worth looking through all three departments!) At the Japanese company “SuperDry”: 30-80% discounts.

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