General description of the disease


This is a parasitic disease that affects the intestines. It is the most common type of helminthiasis.

The causative agent of enterobiasis a pinworm is considered (a nematode of a white-milky color and small size: the male reaches a length of 5 mm, and the female – 12 mm), the female has a pointed tail, and the males have it twisted. In front, you can see the swelling, where the mouth opening is located – the vesicle. With its help, the parasite clings to the intestinal wall. The nematode feeds on what is contained in the intestines, and can also swallow blood. Debugs pinworm eggs on human skin. To do this, she crawls out of the intestines at night. Then there is severe itching near the anus and the patient combs these places. At this time, eggs fall under the nails of a person, then they can get into the mouth when eating food, on clothes, household items, as a result of which a healthy person can become infected. Also, flies, cockroaches can be carriers of pinworm eggs. For the development of eggs, a temperature of 36 degrees and an increased humidity of 75-90% are required (the anal folds of a person and perineum are ideal). The larvae inside the egg mature in 5-6 hours, and reach the size of adults in half a month or a month. Then the whole cycle is repeated.

Transfer method – oral (when food is swallowed), cases of infection have been recorded through inhaled dust.

Phases and symptoms of enterobiasis:

  • Sharp (lasts from 5 days to a week) – painful sensations and discomfort in the abdomen, nausea, frequent stools (the patient can go 4 times per day).
  • Chronic – the symptoms depend on what kind of invasion was. With a weak – the patient complains of itching in the anus in the evening and during sleep, also, not severe pain in the abdomen bothers (this continues for 4-5 days, then all symptoms disappear and reappear after 3 weeks or a month – it all depends on the time of repeated invasion). With reinvasion of the patient, itching burdens and in the daytime, severe pains begin in the appendix, flatulence, loose and frequent stools. Due to severe itching, the patient’s sleep is disturbed and, as a result, a severe headache appears, the ability to remember decreases, dizziness, allergic reactions occur, and there may be nausea. If the patient is a child, he begins to be capricious, there may be fainting conditions and epileptic seizures. Some people with enterobiasis do not show any symptoms.

Useful products for enterobiasis

  1. 1 spicy and spicy dishes;
  2. 2 pomegranate, beets and juice from them (and all sour vegetables and fruits);
  3. 3 horseradish with mustard;
  4. 4 walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds;
  5. 5 vegetable oils (lubricate the intestinal walls, relieve irritation and allergies that arise from the suction of pinworms).

Traditional medicine for enterobiasis:

  • The clean hands rule. Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water after walking, visiting public places and just before eating, quit the habit of sticking your fingers in your mouth and biting your nails. The nails should be cut short.
  • Infected people should sleep in special underpants (elastic should be on the waist and on the legs). The linen should be changed daily. It must be ironed after washing.
  • It is imperative to bathe with soap in the morning and before going to bed, thoroughly wash the anal area.
  • It is imperative to do a general cleaning with special detergents. If there is carpet or carpets, you must first vacuum them, then wash them with soapy water outside (on the carpet knocking site). At home, wipe the door handles regularly. If a small child is ill, wash and wash all toys thoroughly. At the time of illness, it is better for the child to play with plastic and rubber toys (this will make it easier to wipe after each game).
  • If you have itching, you need to do soda enemas before going to bed (it will help wash the pinworms out of the rectum). To prepare the solution, you will need a teaspoon of soda in half a liter of boiled water. Acetic, garlic cleansing enemas cannot be done (they corrode the rectal mucosa).
  • At night, place a tampon (cotton) smeared with petroleum jelly into the anus. This will prevent worms from entering the vagina (in women and girls) and will prevent pinworms from crawling onto the skin and laying eggs.
  • Decoctions of herbs from thyme, powder from dry wormwood, tansy (flowers), centaury, immortelle, chamomile, watch leaves, cloves, flax seeds, oak bark and buckthorn help pinworms. Also, you can get rid of pinworms with the help of garlic (you need to swallow 2 peeled cloves and drink a glass of warm water). Pumpkin seeds are considered a good savior from parasites (peel 100 grams of seeds, crush, pour in 100 milliliters of olive oil and drink on an empty stomach in the morning, drink plenty of water, take 3 days, then take a two-day break and repeat again).

Dangerous and harmful products with enterobiasis

  • all kinds of home and store sweets, puff pastry products;
  • heavy, fatty foods that take a long time to digest;
  • sweet synthetic soda, food with E-shorts, additives, dyes (such foods eat away at the intestinal walls, which already suffer from pinworms – because of this, a variety of allergic reactions can occur, but not only internal, but also external, as well, abscesses , ulcers).

All these products create favorable conditions for the reproduction of pinworms.



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