Egg freezing, a huge hope

Before the bioethics law adopted by the National Assembly on June 29, 2021, the self-preservation of oocytes was only authorized in two situations: for women who were going to undergo cancer treatment and for those who wished to donate their oocytes to others. Since 2021, any woman can now – without medical reason therefore – ask to self-preserve her oocytes. If the precise provisions are defined by decree, stimulation and puncture can be taken care of by Social Security, but not conservation, estimated at around 40 euros per year. Only public health establishments, or failing that private non-profit establishments, are authorized to perform this intervention. In France, the twins Jérémie and Keren are the first babies born using this method.

Vitrification of the oocyte

There are two methods for storing oocytes: freezing and vitrification. This last method of ultra rapid freezing of oocytes is very efficient. It is based on a drop in temperature without the formation of ice crystals and allows more fertilizable eggs to be obtained after thawing. The first birth, thanks to this process, took place in March 2012 at the Robert Debré hospital in Paris. The baby boy was born naturally at 36 weeks. He weighed 2,980 kilos and was 48 cm tall. This new reproductive technique represents real hope for women who want to preserve their fertility and become a mother, even after heavy treatment.

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