Do you like fresh juice?

Friends, do you love fresh juice as much as health food enthusiasts, glamorous divas and fitness people love it? Of course, fruits and vegetables in liquid form have undeniable advantages. But recently, the reputation of freshly squeezed juices has been shrouded in a thin film of doubts about their perfection. Yes, fresh juice was not as simple as it is represented by phytobars, it even has its own history…


Любите ли вы свежевыжатый сок?

It would seem that what could be more natural than the life-giving moisture, full of vitamins, squeezed out of the entire assortment of fruits growing in different latitudes… But the fashion for fresh juices has visited mankind relatively recently and was caused rather not by concern for health, but by social moods and scientific and technological progress.


The first wave of freshly prepared juices swept the civilized world, starting with Europe, in the middle of the last century, when new views on the place of women intersected with the development of post-war industry. It turned out that the place of a woman can be not only in the kitchen, but for some reason, no one has canceled the need for breakfast, lunch, dinner and other “delicious things”prepared by caring mother’s hands. This is where the industrialists, who are actively introducing inventions and improvements to the devices, got out of hand, so that the caring mother’s hands just need to press the button. So it was with the device that allows you to extract juice from fruits and vegetables using a centrifuge. A few minutes of terrible rumbling and frightening shuddering of the unit, and voila-here it is-a delicious drink-a quick dessert – a delicious reward for children for good behavior.

We will not tell you the ways to improve the “antediluvian” juicers to modern sophisticated multifunctional models, you can see and imagine for yourself.

Let’s continue about the juices. In the super-mobile 80s, America was gripped by a fitness psychosis, this is not even called fashion, it was a real madness. It is to him that we owe the fact that fruit and vegetable freshness has become an integral part of the healthy lifestyle. Fitness is not just about aerobics and exercise equipment, it’s also about dieting. Fresh juices became the basis for numerous diets of one of the most popular nutritionists, whose books together with the trends of freedom visited our country in the 90s and firmly settled in it. Three-liter cans from the counters of supermarkets quickly acquired the status of a relic of the past, and the day in” decent families ” began to start with a glass of freshly squeezed juice. So an ordinary, seemingly, product became a symbol of a new life. Both in the global-historical, and in a deeply personal (“from Monday I go on a diet”) plan.

Today, when it is customary to question even the obvious things, not only advantages have been discovered in freshly squeezed juices: high content of “fast carbohydrates”, or simply – sugar, too high content of vitamin C, and even a negative effect on the body when using a certain juice along with certain drugs… But the too active revival of traditional medicine in the infosphere offers to squeeze the juices out of such foods, which is amazing! What can I say to all this? That everything should be done wisely and in moderation, including juices. Do and drink – don’t listen to anyone but your personal doctor! You will not find as many vitamins as in the juice just squeezed from fruits, and as many minerals as in the juice of fresh vegetables anywhere else. Such an easily digestible product is a rarity in the modern diet of an urban and not only a resident. You can easily find the rules for using different juices in encyclopedias, do not neglect them – different fruits have different effects on the body’s systems and different features of making juice from them. And most importantly: do not forget that fresh juice is a simple, quick and pleasant way to wake yourself, your body and your loved ones at any time of the year. And not just in the morning. It’s also a fun way to get a gift. So – do you like fresh juice? 

Любите ли вы свежевыжатый сок?



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