Catching taimen on spinning: tackle for catching large taimen


Taimen have a recognizable body shape and overall appearance. However, there may be regional differences. The fish grow slowly, but live longer than other salmon and grow throughout their lives. In the past, cases of catching fish over 100 kg are known, but a recorded specimen weighing 56 kg is considered official. The common taimen is a freshwater impassable fish that lives in rivers and lakes. Does not form large flocks. At a young age, it can live together with grayling and lenok, in small groups, as it grows, it switches to a solitary existence. At a young age, taimen, for some time, can live in pairs, usually with a “brother” or “sister” of the same size and age. This is most likely a temporary protective device when adapting to independent living. Accumulations of fish are possible during spring or autumn migration in wintering or resting places. This is due to changes in living conditions or spawning. Fish do not carry out long migrations.


In the West, the border of the distribution area runs along the basins of the Kama, Pechera and Vyatka rivers. Was in the tributaries of the Middle Volga. Taimen lives in the basins of all Siberian rivers, in Mongolia, in China in the rivers of the Amur basin. Taimen is sensitive to water temperature and its purity. Large individuals prefer sections of the river with a slow current. They are looking for taimen behind obstacles, near riverbeds, blockages and creases of logs. On large rivers, it is important to have large pits or bottom ditches with ridges of stones and not a strong current. You can often catch taimen near the mouths of tributaries, especially if there is a difference in water temperature between the main reservoir and the stream. During the hot period, the taimen leaves the main body of water and can live in small streams, in pits and gullies. Taimen is considered rare, and in many regions, an endangered species. His fishing is regulated by law. In many regions, fishing is prohibited. Therefore, before going fishing, it is worth clarifying the rules for catching this fish. In addition, taimen fishing is limited to the season. Most often, licensed fishing, on permitted reservoirs, is possible only from mid-summer to early autumn, and in winter after freeze-up and before ice fall.


Taimen is considered a “slow-growing” fish, reaches puberty at 5-7 years with a length of about 60 cm. Spawning in May-June, the period may shift depending on the region and natural conditions. Spawns in prepared pits on stony-pebble ground. The fecundity is quite high, but the survival rate of juveniles is low.

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