Catching Sakhalin Taimen: lures, tackle and methods of catching fish

Ichthyologists are still arguing to which genus this fish belongs. With some similarity with the common taimen, the fish differs both in structure and way of life. Goy or lentil is an anadromous fish. Grows up to 30 kg or more. Sakhalin taimen is a pronounced predator.


Anadromous salmon of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and the Sea of ​​Japan. On the territory of Russia, lentils can be found in the rivers of the islands of Sakhalin, Iturup, Kunashir, as well as in Primorye, in reservoirs flowing into the Tatar Bay. In rivers, in summer, it prefers to stay in pits, especially under rubble. Large individuals live in pairs or singly. Fish weighing less than 15 kg may gather in small schools. Accumulations of fish can also form in the pre-estuarial zone during migration. The rivers can move all season. Some individuals, for the winter, from fresh water, into the sea, do not leave. Sakhalin taimen is a protected species. The number of fish is declining.


Reaches sexual maturity only by 8-10 years of age. During the mating season, sexual dimorphism is poorly developed. In males, a bright crimson border appears on the fins and longitudinal black stripes from the sides of the body. In the rivers, for spawning, it does not rise high. It also spawns in lakes. Spawning starts in April and can continue until the end of June. Organizes spawning grounds on a pebbly bottom, caviar is buried in the ground. Fish spawn repeatedly, but not every year.

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