Boxing training

Boxing is a kind of contact sport that involves fighting in the ring between two athletes of the same weight category. Boxing training is aimed not only at increasing strength, but also at developing the body as a whole, strengthening willpower.

Difficulty level: For beginners

Boxing is a contact sport that will be a good alternative for those who are tired of the usual workouts in the gym. Some perceive boxing only as a spectacular sport, but behind the colorful fights there is physical activity and constant training that strengthens the body, improves endurance and strength.

Health benefits of boxing training

Boxing strengthens almost every muscle in an athlete’s body. During sparring, arms and legs, body and head work. For a boxer, it is important not only to be able to strike, but also to evade the opponent’s blow in time. Therefore, this sport develops coordination and mobility of the whole body well.

In addition, boxing has the following advantages: general development of the body and strengthening of immunity; effective burning of calories and fat; improvement of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems; development of coordination, speed of reaction, sense of distance. See also: kickboxing training

Also, boxing develops thought processes and the speed with which the human body responds to them. Sparring involves constant thinking over the strategy of the fight. As a rule, the victory in a fight goes to the athlete who correctly builds a series of strikes and dodges, and not to the one who simply “waves his fists”. Therefore, boxing is the whole science of sparring.

What do you need for boxing?

Boxing sparring is carried out in a special ring, and training can also take place in a regular gym. For training, the athlete will need equipment:

  • boxing gloves and bandages;
  • helmet;
  • boxers (specialized footwear);
  • burl (lining to protect the jaw).

For training, you need comfortable sportswear. Boxing equipment can be rented from some sporting goods stores or sports clubs. See also: aikido training

Recommendations and contraindications for training

Boxing can be practiced by both men and women. However, among the fair sex, this sport is only gaining popularity. There are also children’s boxing sections. Giving a child to boxing from childhood, parents dream of raising a professional athlete out of him, strengthening his muscles and willpower. But do not underestimate the risk of injury.

Boxing is one of the most traumatic sports. Before starting classes, athletes undergo a medical examination, on the basis of which the doctor allows the patient to train. See also: tai bo training

For this sport, there are a large number of contraindications:

  • congenital or acquired pathologies of the cardiac or respiratory systems;
  • problems of the musculoskeletal system;
  • kidney and liver diseases;
  • violations of the vestibular apparatus, etc.

Boxing strengthens the physical and forms the moral endurance of athletes. Boxers know how to “take a punch” both in the ring and outside of sports competitions. Self-confidence and fortitude are important qualities that will help you achieve success in both professional and amateur boxing. See also: karate training

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