A new discovery has proven the usefulness of grapes

Scientists have found that grapes are useful for knee pain associated with osteoarthritis, the most common joint disease, especially in the elderly (in developed countries, it affects about 85% of people over 65).

The polyphenols found in grapes can significantly strengthen the cartilage that affects osteoarthritis, causing significant impairment of quality of life and disability, as well as a huge financial cost on a global scale. The new facility could help tens of millions of people around the world and save millions of euros annually.

During the experiment, it was found that the consumption of grapes (the exact recommended dosage is not reported) restores cartilage mobility and flexibility, and also relieves pain during joint work, and restores joint fluid. As a result, a person regains the ability to walk and confidence in movement.

The experiment, which lasted 16 weeks and led to this important discovery, involved 72 elderly people suffering from osteoarthritis. It is noteworthy that although women are statistically more susceptible to this disease, treatment with grape extract powder was more effective for them than for men.

However, in men there was significant cartilage growth, which is useful in preventing further complications – while in women no cartilage growth was observed at all. Thus, the drug is useful for the treatment of osteoarthritis in women and both for the treatment and prevention of it in men. So we can say that men should eat grapes, as they say, “from a young age”, and women – especially in adulthood and old age. As the study found, grape consumption also reduces overall inflammation, which is good for overall health.

The discovery was announced at the Experimental Biology conference, which took place recently in San Diego (USA).

Dr. Shanil Juma from the University of Texas (USA), who led the study, said in his speech that the discovery revealed a previously unknown link between grapes and the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee – and it helps to both eliminate pain and restore joint mobility – both of the most important factors, necessary for the treatment of this serious disease.

Previously (2010) scientific publications have already reported that grapes strengthen the heart and reduce the risk of diabetes. A new study once again reminded us of the benefits of eating grapes.


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