A difficult logic quiz in medicine. 12 points to get. How much will you manage?


We present another test of knowledge in the field of medicine. However, this time the questions are formulated in a not very obvious, sometimes very twisted way. 12 points to get. How many of them will you be able to pick up? Check!

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Put it in the correct order

esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine
throat, duodenum, stomach, small intestine
esophagus, stomach, liver, large intestine
esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine. Next question
These are other elements of the digestive system. The liver does not belong to it, and the duodenum is behind the stomach, not in front of it.
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Making non-rhythmic, unconscious and awkward movements this

athetosis Next question
Athetosis is a disorder that consists of involuntary movements of the limbs. It accompanies various neurological diseases. Apraxia is the loss of speech, and apraxia is the inability or difficulty to perform what we know when instructed.
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The sclera is as to the vitreous as the cerebral cortex is to

dura mater
forebrain Next question
The sclera is the outer part of the eyeball, the vitreous body is the inner part. In the case of the brain, the cortex is the outer part of the brain and the inner part of the brain.
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If adrenaline is the adrenal glands, then insulin is

pancreas Next question
Adrenaline and insulin are hormones produced by the cortex of the adrenal gland and the pancreas (pictured), respectively.
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A certain part of the human digestive system may associate with

the apostles
the apostles Next question
It is about the duodenum (the name comes from its length, in a human being equal to the width of 12 fingers). There were 12 apostles, seven samurai and three famous kings.
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Which name does not match the others

basedow Next question
Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease are both neurodegenerative disorders. Graves’ disease affects the thyroid gland.
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Which word suits these two: sushi, drums

colon Next question
In this case, the common denominator of sushi, drums, and colon are chopsticks. Colon bacilli are bacteria that are part of the intestinal flora.
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If we subtract the thoracic vertebrae from the cervical vertebrae, they will come out

fingers of one hand
fingers of one hand Next question
There are 12 thoracic vertebrae, and seven cervical vertebrae. So the difference is five, which is the number of fingers in a hand.
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What can we find in the eye?

team sport
a musical instrument
circular vessel
team sport Next question
The retina is part of the eye, the most important part of this organ. It is a transparent membrane with receptors that receive light pulses. The trumpet and pelvis are located elsewhere in the human body.
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You can pass it and also swim across it. It is about

measles Next question
The Odra River can be crossed, the measles disease can be passed. Wieprza is only a river, fever is a tropical disease (there is no river with such a name).
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Which condition does not exist?

Wermer’s syndrome
Werner’s syndrome
Werther syndrome
Werther syndrome Next question
The Werther effect is not a disease but a psychological phenomenon. This is a significant increase in suicides due to the media coverage of a famous person’s suicide. Werner syndrome is one of the diseases that are progeria, or premature aging syndrome. Werner syndrome is one form of the multiple neoplasms of the endocrine glands.
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Our Country is to the Vatican as a femur to

stapes Next question
Our Country is (in terms of area) the largest country in the world, the Vatican – the smallest. The same applies to human bones, the thigh is the largest, and the stirrup in the ear is the smallest.
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