10 reasons to drink more water

It’s no secret that humans are mostly made up of water. The fluid supports the circulatory and lymphatic systems, the secretory function of various organs, and is also a source of energy for normal life. That is why nutritionists insist on drinking ordinary pure water, and not those drinks that we are used to (tea, coffee, juices, soda, etc.).

It is known that with a lack of fluid in the cells, the body begins to “dry out”, which reduces its resource and leads to premature aging. Fluid-dependent systems wear out, one of which is the cardiovascular system, as well as the musculoskeletal system.

Anyone can individually calculate the useful amount of water that you need to drink per day. For every kilogram of weight, there are about 30 ml, but this is provided that you are not professionally involved in sports.

Consider 10 reasons that encourage each of us to start drinking more water.

10 Weight reduction

10 reasons to drink more water

Especially this item will appeal to the female population, because everyone is looking for quick and easy ways to remove a couple of extra pounds. In addition, this method is also inexpensive, available anytime, anywhere. How does ordinary water fight excess weight? Well, first of all, it is low in calories, unlike other favorite liquids (hot drinks, juices, milkshakes, etc.). Secondly, hunger is often disguised as thirst, so it is likely that satisfying it will help delay another high-calorie snack. Thirdly, the natural liquid perfectly accelerates the metabolism, forcing the body to process the energy of lipids and carbohydrates faster. And fourthly, the diuretic effect of the liquid ensures the elimination of excessive puffiness, which often adds up to 2 kg to a person.

9. Improving skin condition

10 reasons to drink more water

Women and adolescents with juvenile acne and acne often noted that after increasing the water regime, the skin condition improved. Of course, this takes time – from a couple of weeks to several months. Toxins, dust, slags and other contaminants are gradually removed, due to which the foci of rashes become smaller. Nourished and hydrated skin shows less mimic and age wrinkles, literally glows from the inside. Also, a person who drinks clean water has a healthy blush and good epidermal turgor. By drinking liquid, you can save on some expensive procedures.

8. Heart Health

10 reasons to drink more water

And here you can already attract the attention of people after 40 of all sexes. By this time, our cardiovascular system begins to malfunction in the form of pressure drops and heart rate, temporary arrhythmia or tachycardia during stress. A person with heart disease, stressful work or a genetic predisposition increases the risk of myocardial infarction several times. Scientists have found that if you drink about 5-6 glasses of pure water a day, the risk of a heart attack will decrease by 40%, which is a very good indicator. In addition, the liquid maintains the necessary structure and density of the blood, cleanses and tones the blood vessels, ensures normal blood flow, which unloads the heart muscle.

7. Energy recovery

10 reasons to drink more water

We have all heard the phrase “Life-giving moisture.” So, water, pure from nature, is indeed the source of life. For example, even slight dehydration after exertion, illness or in the summer heat (loss of up to 2% of fluid) leads to a state of lethargy, depression and fatigue, inability to do usual things. The desire to drink is a sign of dehydration of the body, so thirst must be satisfied with clean water. Know that a person can lose up to 10 glasses of fluid per day through sweat, breathing, urination and other processes. Therefore, in order to restore energy, it is necessary to at least half fill the body’s need with clean water without impurities and flavor enhancers. By the way, some drinks (for example, coffee) increase fluid loss, so their consumption cannot be considered replenishment of moisture.

6. Detoxification

10 reasons to drink more water

Everyone has heard that pure water well eliminates puffiness, toxins, free radicals, metal salts and toxins. Thanks to water, increased sweating occurs, that is, toxic substances evaporate from the surface of the body. And it also cleanses the intercellular fluid and cells, which restores the metabolism inside them, improves trophism and gas exchange.

5. Reducing the risk of diseases and infections

10 reasons to drink more water

Chronic dehydration directly affects the immune system, reducing the body’s defenses. Against this background, latent infections can resume their vital activity, and chronic diseases become aggravated. Often we hear from a therapist who came with the flu, SARS or acute respiratory infections that we need to drink more fluids. Raspberry tea is a source of vitamin C, but it is pure water that helps eliminate dehydration and exhaustion. Its consumption must also be increased because pills for diseases greatly dry the body and lead to weakness. In addition, water controls thermoregulation during fever, replenishes the fluid lost with mucus, sputum and sweat.

4. Getting rid of a headache

10 reasons to drink more water

Some types of migraine are not associated with stress and anxiety. Fatigue and weakness accumulated on the background of dehydration may be to blame. With a shortage of fluid, the structure of the blood changes, the capillaries and other vessels narrow, which disrupts the blood circulation of the brain. Oxygen starvation of the body leads to excruciating headaches. Also, against the background of a lack of water, a neurotransmitter is activated, which stimulates a massive blood flow to the cortex, causing the vessels to forcibly expand. Against this background, there is a spasm affecting pain receptors. To prevent such conditions, it is better to drink enough water in advance.

3. Relieve joint pain

10 reasons to drink more water

Water is part of the synovial fluid, which lubricates the muscles and joints. Professional athletes know firsthand that water deficiency leads to muscle spasms and loss of tone. Also, life-giving moisture nourishes the intervertebral discs, provides cushioning to the joints, so for a healthy posture, it is simply necessary to establish a water regime.

2. General well-being

10 reasons to drink more water

Due to lack of fluid, the following conditions can occur: dehydration, nausea, constipation, weakness, muscle atrophy, hunger, headaches, pressure drops, etc. It turns out that replenishing moisture eliminates many of the classic negative symptoms. In addition, water is the body’s temperature regulator. By maintaining its volume in the cells, it sets the required temperature for maximum energy conservation and improved vital signs. Fluid intake is especially important for people living in tropical and equatorial regions, as well as for athletes.

1. Normalization of the digestive tract

10 reasons to drink more water

The processes of splitting and assimilation of food take a significant amount of fluid – the body produces hydrochloric acid and enzymes. Water allows you to set the normal acidity of the stomach environment, for which it consumes up to 8 liters per day. Fluid replenishment is also necessary to normalize the act of defecation, otherwise dry stools and prolonged constipation are possible, which also increase the risk of anal fissure or hemorrhoids.

All processes in the body are interconnected, and they do not pass without the participation of the main component – water. This resource is available to everyone, so we can start improving the quality of life and improve our health right now.

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