10 Korean movies worth watching

There are several powerful centers of film production in the world. The most powerful and famous, without a doubt, is Hollywood. Hundreds of films, series and animated films are shot here every year, and then shown in cinemas around the world. Hollywood is truly a real “movie factory”. Films are made here using the latest technologies, the most famous actors work in Hollywood, the box office receipts of films shot here annually reach tens of billions of dollars.

Another well-known film production center is Europe. The scope of European film production cannot be compared with the United States, however, it was here that many brilliant directors worked, and the European film school has rich traditions. Another powerful cinematic center is India. The Indian center of the Bollywood film industry releases more than 1000 films annually. Although, Indian films are quite specific and are very popular, mainly in Asian countries. The film industry in China is developing rapidly. Although, Chinese cinema is also very specific. Another center of the film industry in Asia is South Korea. This country does not release such a huge number of films, but among them there are really many high-quality and talented works. South Korean directors are especially strong in such genres as melodrama, thriller, military and historical films.

We have prepared a list for you that includes best korean movies. We highly recommend that you check them out.

10 werewolf boy

10 Korean movies worth watching

A mother with two daughters moves to a suburban home. One of her daughters is sick – the doctors discovered she had a lung disease and advised her to live in the countryside for a while. The house they live in belongs to the business partner of the deceased husband. After a while, it turns out that they do not live alone in the house. A wild boy lives in a locked barn who can hardly speak.

Women begin to take care of the boy, he begins to pay attention to his eldest daughter. The man who owns the house also has his own plans for his eldest daughter.

9. ice flower

10 Korean movies worth watching

This is a historical film that was released in 2008. The ruler of the state of Korea cannot continue his dynasty and give the country an heir to the throne. Because he is a homosexual and cannot sleep with his beautiful wife. The ruler loves only his young bodyguard. However, he needs an heir, otherwise he may lose power. And then he orders his bodyguard to become his wife’s lover and conceive a child. The king did not even guess what such an order threatened him with and what he could lose.

8. Man from nowhere

10 Korean movies worth watching

The film’s release date is 2010. This is a touching love story of a little girl and a hardened killer, which is replete with gunfights and stunning stunts. The main character is a former special agent who, after the tragic death of his wife, leaves his job and moves away from people.

He becomes the manager of a small pawnshop and leads a quiet and solitary life. He communicates only with a neighbor and her little daughter, who becomes for him a real connection with the outside world. One day, the girl’s mother gets into an unpleasant drug-related story. She and her daughter are kidnapped by members of the drug mafia, and their lives are in real danger. The former agent had to remember his former life and start saving the girl and her mother.

The plot of the film is very dynamic, it has a lot of fights, shootouts and exciting stunts. The cast is well chosen.

7. New world

10 Korean movies worth watching

This is another action-packed detective story that appeared in 2013. The film has a great script, a good cast and well-staged special effects.

The film tells about detective Cha Song, who works undercover. His task is to infiltrate the largest crime syndicate in the country and expose the criminals. It took him eight long years. He manages to earn the trust of the head of the mafia clan and become the right hand of the head of the syndicate. But when the head of the mafia dies, the protagonist begins to be tormented by great doubts: is it worth handing over the criminals to the authorities or staying at the top of the criminal pyramid. And Cha Son must resolve this acute internal conflict very quickly, because he does not have time.


6. Spring, summer, autumn, winter … and again spring

10 Korean movies worth watching

This picture was released in 2003, directed by Kim Ki-Duk, who also played the main role. The film received positive reviews from critics.

There is a Buddhist temple on a beautiful lake, where a little boy comprehends the secrets of life under the guidance of an experienced mentor. The boy gets older and falls in love with a beautiful girl. After that, he leaves the temple and goes to the big world. There he will face cruelty, injustice and betrayal. Knows love and friendship. Years pass, and the former student returns to the old temple, matured and knowing life. This film is about returning to the roots, about what we sometimes leave behind the most valuable thing, trying to get more out of life. We advise you to watch this wise philosophical parable.


5. Pursuer

10 Korean movies worth watching

This is an action-packed thriller that was released in 2008. The film was directed by Na Hong-jin.

The film tells the story of the capture of a maniac-killer who hunted for young girls. He is confronted by an experienced policeman. The perpetrator plays with the police, it is not known if his latest victim is alive.

The film turned out to be very successful: a dynamic and exciting plot, excellent camera work. The Americans soon made their own version of this film, but it must be said that it is far from being a South Korean film.

4. Road to home

10 Korean movies worth watching

The picture tells about the conflict of two generations, in this case a small city boy and his old grandmother, who spent her whole life in the countryside. For a long time, a little boy, who can be called a rather difficult child, is forced to live away from the life to which he is accustomed. After a comfortable city apartment, the boy finds himself in a village house, where there is not even electricity. His grandmother has been doing hard physical labor on earth all her life, she wants to show her grandson that material values ​​​​in the world are not the main thing.

Time passes and the child begins to change. Thus begins his journey home. The grandmother was played by an old mute woman.

3. Oldboy

10 Korean movies worth watching

This is an old film that was released in the last century. The film was directed by Park Chan Wook. Critics immediately noted the very interesting script of the film and the excellent acting of the actors.

An ordinary, unremarkable person is once kidnapped and thrown into a prison cell, in which he spends a long fifteen years. He leaves behind a wife and children. Fifteen years later, he is released into the wild with a large sum of money and a telephone. An insinuating voice on the phone asks if the former prisoner has figured out the secret of his imprisonment.

The conclusion was very expensive for the main character: he cannot talk normally, he is afraid of the light, his behavior frightens others. But he really wants to know who dared to do this to him.

2. Memories of murder

10 Korean movies worth watching

Another action-packed South Korean detective story. He came out on screens in 2003. His script is based on real events. The film tells about the investigation of a series of murders that occurred in the Korean province.

To search for the killer, an experienced policeman from the capital arrives in the city, and it is he who must discover the maniac. He is assisted by local colleagues and numerous volunteers. The film is very realistic, the acting is mesmerizing. The film received many awards at prestigious film festivals and takes second place in our ranking. best korean movies.


1. 38th parallel

10 Korean movies worth watching

This is one of the most famous South Korean paintings, she tells about the tragic events of the Korean War, which lasted from 1950 to 1953.

Against the backdrop of tragic historical events, the fate of one family is shown. The protagonist seeks to save his loved ones and send them to a safe place. His family will become refugees and endure all the horrors and misfortunes. The protagonist himself is forcibly taken into the soldiers, and he finds himself in a meat grinder of the civil war, where some Koreans kill other Koreans. This is by far the best film about that war and one of the best war films in world cinema. He shows all the horrors of war, in which there is nothing heroic, and which brings only grief and death.

The film won numerous international awards.

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