10 focaccia recipes from Yulia Vysotskaya


Focaccia is a wheat tortilla popular in Italy, which is prepared from yeast or unleavened dough. Initially, it was supplemented with only two components-salt and olive oil. Now focaccia is prepared with spicy herbs, cheese, fresh or dried tomatoes, olives, onions, fruits or berries. Here is what Yulia Vysotskaya says about this delicious pastry: “In Tuscany in the summer, bread goes with a bang — with tomatoes, with olive oil, with cheese, with ham. Sometimes the whole lunch is just a green salad, tomatoes, cheese and bread. So, in search of the perfect recipe for homemade focaccia, more than a dozen kilograms of flour were used, more than a dozen recipes found in various sources were brought to life.” Do you want to cook a fragrant Italian flatbread for your family? We have selected the best recipes from Yulia Vysotskaya. Cook and enjoy the amazing taste!


Of course, professional chefs move their hands easily and quickly when kneading dough, but if you do it with love, albeit slowly, the result will be the same!

Focaccia with tomatoes and basil

As a filling, you can add garlic, fried onions, as well as any dry herbs to the focaccia.

Cheese focaccia

You’ve probably noticed that I’m a bit obsessed with bread and cheese. To be honest, tell me that I will be able to leave only four products in my life — it will be bread, cheese, olive oil and wine, as in ancient Greece. Prepare this focaccia, and you will understand me! Cheese should be taken like Philadelphia. 

Focaccia with Provencal herbs

To prevent the dough from sticking to your hands, lubricate them with olive oil.

Focaccia with olives

Try focaccia with the original filling. Anchovies, olives, fried onions and fresh herbs — incredibly delicious!

Focaccia with cherries

I prefer it with cherries, but then you definitely need to sprinkle the focaccia with powdered sugar while it’s hot.

Focaccia with garlic and rosemary

One of the most favorite recipes is focaccia with garlic and rosemary. The trick here is precisely in this filling: balsamic vinegar and liquid honey, in which garlic is caramelized, make this bread absolutely unique!

Focaccia with cherry tomatoes and pesto sauce

The main thing here is not to overdo the focaccia in the oven, otherwise it will lose all its tenderness and will not turn out to be airy. Pesto cheese should be sweet, firm and suit your taste. And of course, you need to add garlic to the pesto — even if you can’t stand it, put at least a quarter of a clove.

Focaccia with honey and rosemary

In this dough, you can add dried tomatoes, dried herbs, chopped olives.

Focaccia with dried tomatoes

It is advisable to take the water not from the tap. It is better to boil and cool it so that it is warm. Olives are suitable instead of dried tomatoes.

For more recipes from Yulia Vysotskaya, see the link. Cook with pleasure!

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