Body wrap is the most famous and favorite procedure for women to fight cellulite. This is a kind of body mask that tones the skin, helps to cope with fluid retention, relax and eliminate the manifestations of the notorious “orange peel”. This effect is achieved not due to the destruction of fat, but due to the outflow of excess water from the tissues, which can also add centimeters and manifest itself in the form of cellulite.


What effect should I expect from the wraps?

Unfortunately, easily lost water is just as easily recovered. Therefore, usually the wrap is combined with other procedures – massage, myostimulation, physical activity, proper nutrition, physical activity. It is useless to fight cellulite if you suffer from puffiness for medical reasons or succumb to chronic stress. The elimination of cellulite requires a comprehensive approach.

As long as you eat poorly, sit on low-calorie diets, do not get enough sleep, ignore medical symptoms, are constantly nervous and tired, cellulite and puffiness will not go away (calorizer). Balance the diet according to BZHU, get enough sleep, do strength training, learn to relax and then the wraps will be useful. Cellulite will no longer be your problem.

According to the mechanism of action, the wraps are cold and hot.

Hot anti-cellulite wrap

Hot wraps can expand blood vessels and activate our blood circulation. The effect of heat is achieved by adding mustard, pepper or heating to the mask. This contributes to a better penetration of nutrients.


The duration of the hot wrap on average reaches 1.5 hours. It can be done in a cosmetology center or SPA salon, as well as at home. Hot wrap is contraindicated in varicose veins, in this case, a cold wrap is suitable.

Cold wrap against cellulite

When cold wrapping, capillaries and blood vessels narrow. This mask acts on the skin less aggressively. This does not mean that such a wrap is less effective. It is widely used to fight cellulite and edema, because it relaxes and soothes. And since edema often occurs against the background of chronic stress, a pleasant and nutritious body wrap is what the doctor prescribed.


The cooling effect is achieved by using menthol or mint in the mask. Especially recommend a cold wrap for fatigue, swelling, heaviness in the legs, as a rehabilitation after vein sclerosis.

Wrapping procedure

The wrapping procedure is as follows. First, the whole body is cleaned with a sea salt scrub-in severe cellulite, this increases blood circulation in the tissues, stimulates the removal of water and fat. At the same time, the skin is deeply cleansed so that the active substances act quickly and deeply. Also, before wrapping, sometimes do a warming massage.


After that, a special composition is applied to the skin, tightly fixed with food film and left for 20-40 minutes, depending on the type and composition of the wrap.

Then the wrap is washed off in the shower. The number of procedures depends on the degree of cellulite. As a rule, the course lasts from 6 to 15 procedures. The effect can be noticed after 3-6 weeks in the form of a decrease in volume, increase in elasticity and elasticity of the skin, leveling the skin relief.


Composition of the mask for wrapping

The special formulations used for the wrapping procedure are mainly prepared on the basis of algae, mud, and oils. That is, one thing is taken, for example, sea clay, and some other components are added to it. If it is a hot wrap, add pepper, and if it is cold, add menthol. Any composition can additionally be enriched with a few drops of essential oils or extracts.

Wraps with micronized algae are called thalassotherapy. They increase the elasticity of the skin, nourish it with vitamins, reduce the appearance of cellulite. Algae is combined with plant extracts such as ivy, musk, caffeine, guarana. The simplest recipe: soak the kelp for 30 minutes for cold wrapping in cool water (20-25 °C), and for hot – in warm water (37-38 °C), then apply to the skin, fix with a film and after half an hour wash off.

Therapeutic mud and clay contain a large amount of mineral salts. This allows you to effectively fight cellulite, have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, blood circulation, metabolism, and smooth the skin. The mud is mixed with natural essential oils of lemon and oregano, seaweed, kaolin clay, horse chestnut extract and field horsetail. The simplest recipe: add water to the blue clay powder and stir to a creamy consistency, add a few drops of orange or lemon essential oil, apply to the skin, fix with a film and after half an hour wash off.


In oil wraps, olive or almond oil, as well as wheat germ oil, is taken as a basis. An essential oil or a mixture of essential oils, such as lemon, lavender and juniper, is added to the base. A simple recipe: add 3-4 drops of lemon, grapefruit and fennel essential oil to the olive oil, apply to the skin, secure with a film and wash off after half an hour. To achieve a warming effect, you can add a little red ground pepper.

Contraindications to wraps

Among the contraindications to all types of wraps:

  1. Skin diseases;
  2. Abrasions, skin injuries, unhealed postoperative sutures;
  3. Gynecological diseases;
  4. Fungus;
  5. Diseases of the cardiovascular system and lymph flow;
  6. Menstruation;
  7. Pregnancy;
  8. Severe form of diabetes mellitus;
  9. Viral and infectious diseases;
  10. Varicose veins and thrombophlebitis (contraindication for hot wraps).

When going to the SPA, make sure that you do not have any contraindications to the wrap. Be careful when buying special formulations in cosmetics stores-check for the presence of harmful components and do a tolerance test. And if you prepare your own compositions from the natural ingredients listed above, make sure that they are well combined with each other and are normally tolerated by you.

The wrap helps to effectively fight cellulite, if you have created all the necessary conditions-started to eat properly, drink enough water, control stress, exercise, get enough sleep (calorizator). Without this, the procedure will give only a short-term effect. Both hot and cold wraps improve skin tone. The choice depends on the contraindications, tolerability and effectiveness for each individual person.

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