Without prejudice and without cruelty

When you decide to become, be, or remain a vegetarian, you are taking one of the most important steps in your life. You are improving your health, making a great contribution to improving the lives of people around the world and helping to normalize the ecological state of the earth. Now you can be sure that the production of goods based on the misery and suffering of animals no longer works for you. You are doing much more to save the future than most people.

Of course, you will always meet people who don’t want to do anything. After learning that you are a vegetarian, some smart guy can tell you that by not eating meat and fish you do not make much difference. And it’s not true! Just remember how many animals can be saved without eating meat for a lifetime: over 850 animals and about a ton of fish. Having taken this important step, people want to know more about the not-too-obvious things and about the hidden cruelty towards animals that is an integral part of everyday life. Now we will look at some additional questions that may interest you as a vegan or vegetarian. For example, one question that worries many vegetarians is skin. Producers don’t slaughter animals just for the skin, although it’s another animal product that makes slaughterhouses such a profitable establishment. Leather, as you probably know, has become fashionable lately and is used to make many things such as shoes, briefcases и bags, and even for furniture upholstery. People buy a lot of soft leather – the softer the better for handbags and jackets. Soft leather is not made from the skin of cows, but from the skin of small calves. But the softest leather is made from the skin of unborn calves. (Pregnant cows are killed in slaughterhouses). From such leather sew gloves и clothing. Fortunately, a huge number of leatherette products are now being produced, which are hard to distinguish from natural leather. You can buy leatherette bags and clothes from various stores and even order them through the mail. A lot of leatherette clothes are sewn in Italy – one of the world’s fashion centers – everything there meets modern requirements, and leatherette clothes are much cheaper than genuine leather. Nowadays, it is just as easy to find shoes from leatherette. The style of shoes is the same, but it is not so expensive. In summer, canvas or sackcloth shoes with synthetic soles are everywhere. It is inexpensive and the most fashionable styles. Luckily, cotton is a big hit and almost every section of the store, catalogs and mail-order stores has a wide selection of woolen cotton products. Another alternative option is acrylic, and acrylic and cotton are cheaper than wool and much easier to care for and wash. If you decide not to use any animal product, then fur also banned. Unfortunately, many shops still sell clothes trimmed with fur. Fur is obtained either by trapping and killing wild animals, or by raising animals on farms for the production of fur products. Either way, the animals suffer, but there are many alternatives, including faux fur. We also know that animals are used to test how painful or dangerous various chemical products (such as oven and bath cleaners, disinfectants, herbicides, and so on) are when applied to the skin (eyes, nose, and mouth). ). And, despite the growth in the number of cosmetic companies that do not conduct animal experimentsMany large manufacturers still splash their cosmetics into the eyes of animals or smear their skin with chemicals that cause great pain and suffering. Simply by not purchasing cosmetics or cleaning products that have been tested on animals, you are making it clear to manufacturers that you are not supporting them. As more and more people buy non-animal tested products, companies are ceasing to test on animals in order to maintain sales levels. The question is how to determine which product to buy. You can be sure that no company that uses animals will be labeled on their products.”Tested on animals“. Read the labels on the packaging and find out which companies have decided to stop testing their products on animals, and in the future purchase products only from these companies. Many manufacturers that do not test on animals state this on their labels. The more you change your life to stop cruelty to animals, the more you feel that you are the only one who cares about this issue. The truth is that many people now think the same things and live the same way as you do. On the other hand, it may seem to you that there are too many things to think about and that as a vegetarian you are already doing enough. This is completely normal and it is important to remember that as a vegetarian you are already doing a lot, much more than anyone else.

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