Why Tech Giants Know So Much About Us: Trends Podcast

Once on the Web, information stays there forever – even when deleted. The concept of “privacy” is no more: the Internet giants know everything about us. How to live if we are being watched all the time, how to secure our data, and is it possible to entrust the identity of computer technology? We discuss with experts in the podcast Trends “What has changed?”

The second episode of the podcast “What has changed?” dedicated to cybersecurity. Since May 20, the episode has been available on popular streaming platforms. Listen and subscribe to the podcast wherever you want.


  • Nikita Stupin is an independent researcher in information security and dean of the Faculty of Information Security of the educational portal GeekBrains.
  • Yulia Bogacheva, director of data management and analysis at Qiwi.

Host: Max Efimtsev.

Here are some key information security tips:

  • Do not share your personal, credit or debit card information with the public. Including this data can not be sent to friends in social networks;
  • Don’t be fooled by phishing links and social engineering methods used by scammers;
  • Turn off the advertising ID in your app settings if you don’t want your search history to be used for further recommendations;
  • Turn on two-factor authentication (most often this is a code from SMS) if you are afraid that your money will be stolen or your private videos and photos will leak;
  • Study the sites carefully. A strange combination of fonts, colors, an abundance of colors, an incomprehensible domain name, a large number of banners, screen flashes should not inspire confidence;
  • Before purchasing a gadget (especially a “smart” device), study how the manufacturer reacts to vulnerabilities in its software – how it comments on information leaks and what measures it takes to avoid vulnerabilities in the future.

What else did we discuss with the experts:

  • Why do tech giants collect personal data?
  • Is Face ID and Touch ID a smartphone security measure or an additional source of data for technology companies?
  • How does the state collect data about its residents?
  • How ethical is it to monitor your citizens during a pandemic?
  • Share data or not? And if we don’t share, how will our lives change?
  • If data is leaked, what should be done?

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