Why we should eat popcorn

Popcorn – an indispensable attribute of going to the cinema, it is loved by adults and children and somehow unfairly, this appetizer is considered to be not very useful – so, overindulgence. Popcorn appeared almost 400 years ago and is not a mod. Despite the respectful age, popcorn through time did not change, and if in the past century people considered it useful, but today it also has the right to be in your diet not only on the day movie premieres. 


This composition will help to normalize the level of cholesterol in the blood and bring the nervous system in order.

  • The second reason – the popcorn made of whole-grain corn contains a lot of fiber

Fiber is beneficial to the gastrointestinal tract, prevents constipation, and timely cleanses the body from toxins.

  • The reason for the third – popcorn is low in calories

Of course, if it is prepared by a dry method, no butter, and large amounts of salt causing swelling. Poet for diet and proper nutrition popcorn great and healthy alternative snack.

  • The fourth reason – it is a powerful antioxidant

Use popcorn reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer. One serving of popcorn is about 300 mg of polyphenols – that’s enough from time to time to prevent cancer and heart attack.

  • Reason five – popcorn contains a lot of iron more than spinach

Iron is especially important when large losses of blood, so women during the critical days even shown to eat several servings of popcorn for the whole cycle.

Do not forget that:

  • Salty popcorn will cause water retention in the body.
  • Sweet high-calorie popcorn and is not suitable for the diet.
  • Popcorn with butter contains a lot of fat during cooking oil allocates carcinogens that can cause lung.
  • Popcorn flavorings trigger gastritis and ulcer.

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