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If this introduction is about you, you should recognize your fat-melting antagonists in order to better prepare for the next confrontation. Losing kilos is often a mental game with yourself. You surely know it, after all you have been losing weight many times. Therefore, realizing what is sabotaging your success is the first step to starting the game again – effectively and sensibly. By having a plan and knowing how to deal with weight loss saboteurs, you will be more confident, more effective, and more resolute in overcoming your problems. I hope that when you take a closer look at it, you will defeat your demons much easier than before.

Here are the top 8 weight loss saboteurs:

1. You focus on counting the calories of the food, not on its quality

You enter various products or dishes into the calorie calculator, adding up their nutritional value and calorific value. You treat slimming as mathematics in which numbers are to guarantee you success. Take it easy. A caloric deficit is important, yes, but even more important than the amount of calories is the type of food you eat. You can lose weight by eating regularly at McDonald’s, but sooner or later your body will ask for nutrients, minerals, vitamins, good fats.

By providing the body with what it needs, the metabolism will start flawlessly. Junk food is often the same number of calories as healthy meals, but the value of these two foods is another story. If you have fast food, sweets or salty, high-calorie snacks too often – your body is robbed of the nutrients it needs to live a healthy life. Chinese soup, chips, cake or a bar instead of a normal, healthy meal may not be a caloric tragedy, but if consumed regularly, they can sabotage your weight loss.

2. The “all or nothing” attitude

This type of dietary perception applies to almost everyone who is slimming. We have all made this mistake more than once, and some of us may be making it all the time. With the start of the next weight loss approach, you bravely stick to your decisions and follow a scrupulously planned diet. However, when a situation arises that breaks your rhythm, you start racing in the opposite direction. You quit weight loss and start feasting 😉 You made one mistake, ate well above the norm and you think that this failure effectively takes you away from your goal.

Instead of getting yourself together and going back to your normal eating habits, you think – “I screwed up! It is difficult, then rent even more so. I do not care.” You give up your diet, you give up all your plans and you change dreams of a slim figure for hedonistic pampering your palate.

Break away from the idealistic vision of being perfect on a diet, and don’t go back on track just because you have broken your own rules. It happens. Forgive yourself as soon as possible and go back to the plan.

3. You eat too little protein, too little fat and fiber, and too much refined carbohydrate

People tend to overeat on meals that are out of balance. If you provide too little protein, fat or fiber in your meal, and too much simple carbohydrates – you will not get full and you will overeat, blaming the weak will. Mistake!

Make your meals a priority in such a way as to provide yourself with the necessary proteins for building your body, good fats and fiber that fills your intestines nicely, slows down digestion and keeps you full for longer. Carbohydrates are not the enemy of weight loss, but you should know when to eat them, how much and what type. If you are an athlete, you can afford greater carbohydrate feasts than a slow person.

4. You are on too strict, elimination diets

Unless your health requires it, you should not go on diets that eliminate a large proportion of your food. Some of these diets have a really poor menu: cabbage, banana, apple, egg, juice, vegetable and fruit fasting diets, etc. All these diets may seem like a tempting option, especially since they promise recovery in addition to weight loss. However, be critical and reasonable towards them. Do not use them thoughtlessly.

In the short term, they seem to bring a lot of benefits, but you need to know that they carry risks in the form of malnutrition or loss of muscle tissue, which is difficult to rebuild later. Additionally, after the end of such a diet, the body tends to regain lost kilograms.

5. Lack of support from family, friends and acquaintances

Losing weight is a complicated and difficult process. There are temptations, problems, and obstacles at every step. Only the strongest and the few units deal with these adversities without blinking an eye. Unfortunately, most of us make mistakes and fail, which is why it is so important to support our immediate surroundings.

Eating a diet and restricting yourself in eating while other household members please themselves – requires willpower and great determination. We often succumb to the pressure of the environment and we are persuaded to eat food that does not help us lose weight. If this is a one-time prank and we are in control, no problem. It is worse if, due to the lack of support, we completely abandon the idea of ​​losing weight and get stuck in bad habits, because we no longer have the strength to fight our weaknesses, we lack the motivation to change.

6. You have been on a diet all your life

It would seem perfect, right? More than half of use different diets all the time. I’ve made a lot of them myself in my life. However, you must understand that the body is not adapted to function on an eternal caloric deficit. It will defend itself against weight loss with various mechanisms. From a biological point of view, losing kilograms was not good for you, so the body has developed many ways to prevent it.

In addition, excessive weight control and permanent weight loss can negatively affect our mental state. Stress, guilt, dieting and no food, being “sinful” and “polite”, not self-accepting, focusing on calories, your own and others’ appearance – all of these can overwhelm you over time and take away the joy of life.

Keep some balance and don’t go overboard in your diets. If slimming sucks all positive energy out of you, it is a sign that you should pause for a moment and look at yourself with a milder eye.

7. You bravely stick to the plan all day, but you get lost in the evenings

Well, the thing about the human brain is that daytime discipline can evaporate in the face of evening temptations. This is due to fatigue and being overwhelmed by various problems. During the day, we tend to be more motivated and deal with all our whims without a shadow of a doubt. There are times, however, when this mental strength disappears in the evening. Exhaustion, lack of self-discipline, self-indulgence, looking for consolation and relaxation in eating – these are some of the factors that sabotage weight loss.

If you have a problem with the evening attack on the fridge, even when you are not hungry, try to look at this issue more carefully. Find reasons for your behavior and look for other alternatives to have a good time without snacking. In addition to eating, there are many different pleasures in the world.

8. You yourself are your own greatest saboteur blocking weight loss

You want to lose weight, you are trying, you are losing weight, but you are actually spinning in circles or standing still. You will lose some weight just after that you will regain the lost kilograms back. You lack determination in action, and procrastination and laziness are your best friends that distract you from your goal. After time, you forget why you care about a slim figure, so you are stuck in this “supposedly slimming” for years and nothing changes.

Is there any good advice for this? Well, the only person who can motivate you to take effective action and try to lose weight again is yourself. If you’ve been unsuccessful, even though you’ve started a million times, you may not be bursting with enthusiasm. It is clear.

It is worth having an honest conversation with yourself and finding reasons why it pays off to lose weight. If you cannot motivate yourself, and you really care about success in slimming – seek help from specialists – a good dietitian or personal trainer can sometimes work wonders and break the losers and discouraged from the comfort zone.


Losing weight is a lot of hard work 😉 Nobody said it would be easy and painless. Weight loss saboteurs lurk at every step, distracting you from your goal. This article lists only a few of them, but there are many more factors that sabotage weight loss. Perhaps you have already recognized some of them and dealt with them perfectly. Perhaps you have been fighting unsuccessfully so far. Remember that everything is in your hands and you are the one who deals the cards – you do not have to fall prey to weight loss saboteurs and suffer from a lack of results. Know your enemies closely, look at them carefully, and devise tactics to deal with them – once and for all. Good luck!

Which of the following weight loss saboteurs is the most difficult for you?

Can you name other slimming behaviors you’ve been dealing with? We are waiting for your comments and observations.

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