What vegetables you should eat in spring


Spring is the beginning of a new stage in the diet. At this time, many fresh products perfectly diversify the diet and improve health. If you wish, you can find them in stores and the winter, but that seasonal products are useful when ripe and filled with juices. What must we eat in spring?


What vegetables you should eat in spring

This vegetable has long been considered a real plant a delicacy. The taste is reminiscent of artichoke asparagus with a light citrus tone and will surely appeal to most of those who have not tried it. To prepare the artichokes, they should be cut off the tops and boil the fruit for 25-45 minutes in salted water with added lemon juice.



What vegetables you should eat in spring

Asparagus is a source of mercaptan; this substance has an unusual smell. Asparagus has a slightly earthy taste; however, its benefits for the body cannot be overemphasized. There are many vitamin K, fiber, b vitamins, which favorably affect the entire digestive system. Preparing asparagus grilled or steamed with a small amount of olive oil and salt.


What vegetables you should eat in spring

The first pic is the unchangeable ingredient of the beloved spring hash. This is a symbol of the onset of heat. The radish contains folic acid, Riboflavin, and potassium. This vegetable has a pleasant taste and perfectly complements the salad. You can also sauté the radishes in the butter – an unusual and delicious!

Green onions

What vegetables you should eat in spring

The first shoots of green onions are already beginning to delight us on the windowsills. Slightly sweet and pleasant taste complement all salads and hot dishes. Is the perfect immune support this н6епростой the transition of winter into spring.

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Snow peas

What vegetables you should eat in spring

We used to eat fresh peas, but also delicious and good to eat green pods. They can be fried or boiled, served as a snack or garnish to other dishes.

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