What to read in the last week of summer: 10 books for health

Dear friends, I suggest not to lose heart in the last week of summer, but to spend it with health benefits, with a good book in hand. Feel free to choose from my dozen must read! These are the most interesting, in my opinion, books, which at one time inspired me to change. I think they will set you up to change something in your life and the lives of your loved ones. The main topics are: what can we do to live longer and more active; how to wean yourself and children from sweets; how to meet the “third age” in a sound mind and healthy body. Lots of practical tips!

  • China Study by Colin Campbell.

About what: how diet is associated with the risk of fatal diseases (cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and autoimmune diseases), how the food industry functions.

The Cornell professor’s research has become one of the largest on the health effects of diet. And one of the most controversial in the scientific community. Recommended as food for thought!

  • Chinese Research in Practice by Thomas Campbell.

About what: can fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains replace pills and bring health.


Colin Campbell’s son, a practicing physician, is putting his father’s theory to the test that a plant-based diet can improve health and prolong life. The book reads like a gripping detective story, exposing the unsightly facts of the food industry.

Bonus: the author offers his own nutritional system and a two-week diet.

  • Blue Zones, Blue Zones: Practical Tips, Dan Buettner.

About what: what to do and what to eat every day to live to be 100 years old.

Another book with a sequel: in the first, the author explores the way of life in five regions of the world, where researchers found the highest concentration of centenarians; in the second, it focuses on the diet of long-livers of the “blue zones”.

  • “Transcend. Nine Steps Towards Eternal Life. ” Ray Kurzweil, Terry Grossman

About what: how to live longer and at the same time remain “in the ranks”

This book changed my attitude towards my health and lifestyle. So I even decided to get to know one of the authors personally and interviewed him. The authors have developed a practical program for the fight for high-quality longevity, synthesizing many years of experience, modern knowledge, the latest achievements of science and technology.

  • “Age of Happiness”, “Wanted and Could”, Vladimir Yakovlev

About what: inspiring stories about those who are over 60, 70 and even over 100 years old.

Journalist and photographer Vladimir Yakovlev traveled all over the world, photographing and collecting the experience of people who, in old age, continue to lead an active, independent and fulfilling life.

  •  “The brain is retired. Scientific view of old age “, André Aleman

About what: is it possible to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and is it worth sounding the alarm if you become forgetful.

I love this book for its “hands-on” focus: you answer questions to determine if you have symptoms of cognitive impairment and follow the author’s advice to prevent or delay as much intellectual decline and brain degradation as possible. Find some tips on the link above.

  • How to Wean Your Child from Sweetness by Jacob Teitelbaum and Deborah Kennedy

About what: why sugar is bad for your baby and is addictive. And, of course, how to wean a child from sweets.

If your child eats too much sweets, it’s time to start fighting this problem. After all, eating habits are established in childhood. The authors of the book have proposed a program for getting rid of sugar addiction in 5 steps.

  • Sugar Free, Jacob Teitelbaum, Crystal Fiedler.

About what: what types of sugar addiction exist and how to get rid of it.

The doctor and journalist offer more than just a bunch of helpful tips on how to minimize sugar in your diet. The authors say that everyone has their own reasons for addiction to sweets, respectively, and solutions to the problem must be chosen individually.

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