What to give you? 10 New Year eco-gifts

Clothing made from sustainable fabrics

Not everyone can be pleased by choosing clothes as a gift. But if you know the tastes and size of a person well, then this option is for you! One of the most responsible companies is H&M. Their CONSCIOUS collection is made from organic cotton, recycled fabrics and, for example, the safe and healthy lyocell material made from wood fiber. Connoisseurs of fashionable clothes and a conscious attitude to production will definitely like such a gift!

Personal certificate from the project “Give a Tree”

A great way to show care for a loved one is to give him a good deed, a breath of fresh air and participation in an ambitious project to green Russia. In places requiring restoration, a selected tree will be planted and a tag with a certificate number will be attached, the owner of which will be sent photos of the planted tree and its GPS coordinates by e-mail.

Eco bag

An eco-bag is an indispensable thing in the household, as well as a stylish accessory. Of course, advanced ecologists already have them in their arsenal, but this is the case when there are never too many bags. Linen, bamboo, cotton, plain or with fun prints, as, for example, on the website. A shopping bag can serve as an interesting eco-alternative and an unusual gift. The once very popular wicker bag has been given a second life thanks to fashion trends. Here you can find the addresses of stores selling string bags made by blind people. Such a gift is simply impossible not to appreciate.

Reusable eco water bottle

Drinking water from an eco-bottle is a solution that will help rid landfills of many disposable bottles. One of the best and safest bottle options is KOR. Made from durable Eastman Tritan™ copolyester that’s free of the harmful chemical Bisphenol A (BPA), they even have a filter-replaceable model that you can use straight from the tap. A stylish and concise design with funny motivating pictures inside will appeal to everyone.


A thermal mug is another great gift for those who like to carry drinks with them, but at the same time understand that disposable tableware is not at all eco-friendly. In many coffee shops and cafes, drinks are poured into such thermal mugs – this is a common practice all over the world. When choosing a mug, you need to pay attention to the material – it is better if it is stainless steel. It should also be airtight, easy to operate and maintain, and with a convenient lid. The range of such thermal mugs is large, you can choose any size, shape and color. For example, Contigo offers such stylish and ergonomic mugs:

Fancy stationery

Every environmentalist will definitely like eco-themed stationery, the main one of which is a reusable notebook. The unique protective coating of the notebook pages allows you to erase all unnecessary information with a dry cloth, napkin or eraser. Isn’t it great? A reusable notebook is equivalent to 1000 regular notebooks! Now you can write, erase and write again, taking care of the safety of the trees. If you want something else useful and unusual – you should take a closer look at the “growing” pencils, ecocubes and other “living” gifts here.

Natural cosmetic

Cosmetic sets are a very versatile gift: shower gels, scrubs, hand creams and other pleasant products always come in handy. But, as you know, not all cosmetics are equally useful. When choosing natural cosmetics, you should pay attention to the composition: it should not contain parabens, silicones, PEG derivatives, synthetic fragrances and mineral oil. It is better if the product has certificates confirming its environmental friendliness. Of course, it is important that cosmetics are not tested on animals – this is usually indicated by the corresponding icon on the packaging.

Eco book

The book is the best gift. A book about ecology is the best eco-gift. For example, the book “The Way to a Clean Country” published this fall by the founder of the environmental movement “Garbage. More. No” Denis Stark. In the book, the author has collected all his many years of experience in the field of waste management in Russia and the knowledge of numerous partners and experts in this field. Such a gift will certainly be appreciated by those who are seriously interested in promoting the ideas of separate waste collection and improving the environmental situation in our country.


How to do without the main New Year’s beauty? But, of course, we will not chop it “under the very root”, but we will present a Christmas tree in a pot, which can be transplanted into wildlife after the holidays. And if there is no opportunity to transplant a tree, then you can entrust it to the EcoYolka project. They will pick it up and drop it off themselves, thus preserving it for future generations.

Christmas decorations

A good addition to a live Christmas tree will be toys made from environmentally friendly materials. For example, plywood products are a great field for creativity: decorative panels, stylish inscriptions, New Year figurines that can be painted by the whole family, creating unique Christmas tree decorations. Beautiful, cozy and with soul, and most importantly – naturally.

Whatever gift you choose, we all know that the main thing is attention. And attention to an environmentally friendly lifestyle, worldview and responsible position is especially valuable. Therefore, choose with your soul and give with love! Happy New Year!

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