What to do with stale bread

At the present time, you will not surprise anyone with the remains of bread. The variety of its types makes us buy more bread than we can eat fresh. And it’s a pity when you have to throw it away.

The simplest thing you can think of is to prepare rusks from bread, which you can then use in first courses, salads, grind for breading, or eat just like an aperitif.

Depending on the recipe, the bread can be soaked in milk, butter or sauce, then squeeze out a little and use the prepared mass for cooking. In the salad, stale bread will soak by itself under the dressing poured over it.

Also, bread can be ground in a coffee grinder to a state of almost flour and used in baking, after changing the recipe a little (after all, there are eggs and yeast in the finished bread).


Or you can just feed the birds in a nearby park!

How to revive bread?

– Soak in a double boiler or water bath for 10-15 minutes.

– Wrap the bread in a wet towel and heat in the oven at low temperature.

– Tie in a bag and heat in the microwave for 30 seconds.

– Hold the moistened crackers in a hot pan under the lid until soaked.

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