What is the risk of overeating even healthy vegan food?

A large number of people in this world believe the delusion that the more you eat, the better. But is it worth reminding that everything needs a golden mean? In fact, the body will never absorb more than what it needs. After all, food either cures our diseases or feeds them.

The consequences of overeating can manifest themselves years and decades later in the form of numerous diseases. Let us consider in more detail what is fraught with the use of food in larger quantities than necessary.

1. Obesity. A fairly common phenomenon that we, to one degree or another, observe every day. Low physical activity, together with an inadequate amount of food taken over the years, results in extra pounds, which leads, first of all, to cardiovascular diseases.

2. Belching and flatulence in the intestines are also signs of overeating. This means that more food is consumed than the body can absorb. As a result, the process of fermentation takes place. A very small amount of gas in the digestive tract is acceptable and natural, but belching or rumbling in the stomach indicates an upset stomach. The formation of a large amount of gases is a sure sign that it is necessary to reduce the amount of food consumed and pay special attention to chewing starchy foods.

3. Overeating makes you feel lethargic and lethargic. The universal recommendation is to eat until you are hungry, not until you feel full. If after eating there is a desire to sleep, this indicates that the body has received more food than it needs. So much blood rushes to the digestive organs that the brain does not have the necessary nutrition. Our body is able to “speak” to us through well-being.

4. Strong coating on the tongue in the morning. A dirty gray coating indicates a prolonged overeating of its owner. This is another of the signals our body uses to ask us for less food. It is highly recommended to clean the tongue daily in the morning and review the diet.

5. Dull skin, rashes. This phenomenon suggests that the body is not able to remove the accumulated toxins in a natural way and connects the periphery. There is irritation, itching, inflammation of the skin, various forms of eczema.

It is important not only WHAT we eat, but also how much. Listen to the signal from your body, which always has something to tell you.

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