What is sacred geometry? 


Sacred geometry is a subject that intrigues and raises many questions. And yet, this science is omnipresent in our daily lives. Whether in nature, in architecture, in art or even (most obvious) in geometry.

But what is sacred geometry really? How is it different from classical geometry? What are its main symbols? We provide you with the answers in this article.

What is sacred geometry?

Sacred geometry is a science that studies forms in search of secrecy and the laws of the universe. Indeed, it is not a new term. Sacred geometry is a very ancient expression that has marked history.

Pyramids, temples, cathedrals and many other sacred sites were built according to the principles of this science. This is based on thenumbers and mathematical shapes, but also, and especially on the golden ratio (PHI).

Sacred geometry and nature: what is the link?

Sacred geometry is a graphic representation of the principles and laws that govern the environment. Scientific studies have shown that the symbols of this science are the basis of all life (terrestrial, celestial and even beyond).

In addition, ancient cultures (Greeks, Egyptians, Christians, Hindus) believed that the patterns and symbols of sacred geometry were found in all elements of the universe (1).

This is not very surprising, because we find in nature several geometric patterns that repeat themselves.

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This is the case, for example, with human cells, the organization of the petals of a flower, the spiral shell of snails or even the hexagonal cells of beehives.

The 5 Platonic solids and sacred geometry

What is sacred geometry? 

In sacred geometry, the geometric shapes are used to expand consciousness. Through their interaction with energy fields, they influence everything that can be found in the environment.

According to the disciples of Pythagoras, each number had a meaning. For example, the number 3 represents the man and the 2 the woman.

In Platonic philosophy, abstract concepts had a primitive symbol, an original model from which the physical objects were derived.

It is from this philosophy that the 5 Platonic solids which are (2):

  • the tetrahedron (fire): associated with the 2nd chakra, it refers to knowledge and passion which can be positive or destructive;
  • the cube (the earth): associated with the 1st chakra, the earth refers to fertility, stability, security and passivity;
  • the octahedron (air): it represents the 4th chakra and evokes life, freedom and spirituality;
  • the icosahedron (water): it is associated with the 2nd chakra and is linked to emotion, purity, the unconscious and transformation;
  • the dodecahedron (ether): associated with chakras 5,6 and 7, the ether refers to energy, prana, quintessence and akasha.

Sacred geometry: what are the most famous sacred symbols?

When we talk about the term “sacred geometry”, the first symbol that immediately comes to mind is the flower of life.

But it is not the only geometry symbol that is best known. There are 6 main shapes.

The seed of life

What is sacred geometry? 

Representing the beginning of all things, the seed of life is made up of 7 circles and is the symbol of the universe. It is at the origin of the flower of life.

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The flower of life

What is sacred geometry? 

It is a very famous rose window in sacred geometry. It represents the genesis of life, the void or the whole. Known for its high vibrational frequencies, the flower of life is used for many purposes: to give people vitality, to recharge stones, etc.

Metraton’s cube

What is sacred geometry? 

A very powerful symbol of sacred geometry, the metraton cube is used to protect and rebalance the energies flowing between the spiritual world and the physical world. It is obtained by connecting all the centers of the spheres contained in the flower of life.

The tree of Life

What is sacred geometry? 

Originally from the Kabbalah, the tree of life is a symbol that is also found in the flower of life. It translates the path of consciousness from the source to the physical world and its return. Each sphere of the tree of life symbolizes an aspect of creative consciousness with its energy.


Le merkaba

What is sacred geometry? 

It is used for doing Merkaba meditation and represents the unity between man and woman as well as between air and earth. Its main utility is the activation of inactive areas of the brain, including the 3rd eye.

La balloon

What is sacred geometry? 

Also known as the fish bladder, the vesica piscis is a very ancient geometry symbol. It is the starting point of the seed of life (the first two circles).

The fish bladder is located at the intersection of two circles of the same diameter, and each circle intersects the other at its center.

What are the benefits of sacred geometry?

The benefits of sacred geometry are manifold. Indeed, each geometric shape emits a wave. This is called shape waves. Each wave of form gives off its own vibratory energy.

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The power and effects of these waves vary depending on the geometric shape in question. Through forms and their use, sacred geometry has the ability to breathe life into whatever it touches (3).

Likewise, this science allows human beings to reconnect with the sacred dimension which is found both in our environment and within us.

At the psychic level, the practice of sacred geometry allows one to soak up the strong vibrations emitted by the sacred symbols. On a spiritual level, this ancestral science awakens our awareness that all planes of life are sacred.

This allows us to have a much broader and clearer vision of life.

Sacred geometry in everyday life

The practice of sacred geometry cannot be effective without sacred symbols like those we have seen previously. In reality, having these objects on you remains the best way to benefit from the benefits of this sacred science.

Whether in the form of jewelry or not, the vibratory frequencies that the forms of sacred geometry produce influence your daily life in one way or another. This is even more intense when you are aware of it.

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