what is it and how to deal with it, video


what is it and how to deal with it, video

😉 Greetings new and regular readers! Friends, in working on oneself, one cannot ignore the question: vanity: what is it? About this in the article.

What is vanity

Vanity usually refers to a person’s great need to look better in the eyes of others than they really are. Sometimes this is an unrealistic desire for fame and universal recognition. Often, arrogant individuals go literally “over their heads” to get what they want.

Often, arrogance helps to achieve desired goals and “open doors” for any endeavors in life. Thanks to this quality, people learn new things, achieve success in their careers. But this quality is not considered positive. And all because of some nuances.

Vanity is pride, arrogance, arrogance, arrogance, love for glory, for reverence. It does not appear when a person is bad, but when everything is good with him. When success comes, prosperity and power.

what is it and how to deal with it, video

When pride grows, it can no longer be stopped, it lifts a person first up, plunging him into the illusion of his own greatness, and then at one moment throws him into the abyss, smashing him to the ground.

All actions motivated by this vice are performed only for oneself, and not for someone else. And achievements are, first of all, not an end, but a means. Usually, such actions often become meaningless and even dangerous both for the person herself and for those around her.

Unfortunately, such a person who wants to stand out from the crowd with all his might is not popular and loved by others. It is difficult for such people to make friends.

Not everyone is capable of achieving success and fame. Most just dream about it, but in reality they do not achieve any meaningful results. In this case, some people develop the opposite quality of arrogance – infringement.

Many develop a sense of dissatisfaction, and they begin to look for those to blame for their failures. Therefore, they can only regret what could have been achieved if life had turned out differently. This is the flip side of vanity.

How to overcome vanity

But still there are many vain people. Many of those who could, but did not achieve everything they dreamed of, but only a small part of what they had planned, feel quite comfortable and do not try to change anything in their lives.

But there are those who understand that pride has its drawbacks, and even those who are tired of this quality. Therefore, they try to overcome it and find an option for communicating with other people, in which they can build relationships based on mutual respect and sincerity.

what is it and how to deal with it, video

It all depends on your own opinion and outlook on life. After all, everyone has their own way to gain experience. You can only describe the options for the possible development of events for those who decided to overcome vanity.

  • firstly, if a person understands that there is arrogance and arrogance in him, this is already commendable;
  • secondly, you need to treat any criticism and vilification normally;
  • thirdly, you need to be more silent. Answer only questions and the answer should be shorter than the question itself;

As a result, it will be possible to achieve recognition not only of their importance and value, but also to evaluate the qualities of other people. The benefits of all your actions will be felt not only for yourself, but also for many others. The outlook and attitude to life will completely change.

If a person comes to the conclusion that vanity prevents him from living, then with a little effort, you can overcome it for the benefit of yourself and those around you.

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